Say ‘I Love You’ Like a Hero with These Romantic Flowers


Are you among those who are waiting to propose your love interest but are not sure how to do it? You want to make it special but don’t want to come out as too clichéd. You have thought of hundreds of ideas to make it special for her but are just confused. Don’t worry. When everything fails, just follow the classic old style of proposing- say it with a flower! 

Like a Hero with These Romantic Flowers

Go to the market and pick up her favourite or you can choose from a huge range of flowers online. Be it a date or you need flowers to propose. The flower delivery in Gurgaon from  online portals will never disappoint you with their service. If too many options confuse you even further, here are the most beautiful and romantic flowers that can make any date or proposal a lot more special:

  • Rose
    We all know that roses are a symbol of love and are considered among the most romantic flowers. Although roses come in all colours, nothing can beat the deep reds that symbolize everlasting love. They are a timeless representation of true love. Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when the sale of red roses is at its peak. However, you can gift your love interest with a fresh red rose on her birthday or at the time when you go down on one knee and tell her those three golden words.

  • Tulips
    If your partner is one of those happy-go-lucky, chirpy kinds, tulips would make her smile like an idiot. You can pick from an array of reds, pinks, whites, purples, and yellows. Although these bulb plants bloom for only upto a week, they bring in a lot of positivity and scream the arrival of spring. While white tulips are for apologies, red ones are of course, for expressing love. Tulips are best for relationships that have not reached a serious commitment yet. They are a great way of telling the other person that you are glad to have them in your life.

  • Orchids
    If you want to go for the classic but with a slight twist, orchids are the flowers for you. They are exotic and way more delicate than a lot of flowers. These gorgeous flowers represent luxury and are a symbol of love, luck and hope. Although its blood fade away, you can make the plant rebloom with attention and proper care, thanks to its resting period. You can find orchids in almost all the colours of the rainbow and pick what excites you the most. While giving it to your lover, you can throw in a cliché message about how the beauty and delicate nature of the orchids always remind you of your precious love interest.

  • Lilac
    The typical light violet shades of lilac are a representation of new love taking its shape among young lovers. If you are over the initial pangs of love, you can even go for a magenta coloured lilac that represents a stronger love & Music Logo. They make for a great option for proposals and look stunning while you are expressing your feeling holding these violet beauties.

  • Peruvian Lily
    If you want to make a statement and come off as a bold person, alstroemeria or Peruvian lilies would be the right choice. Although friendship connotations are associated with it, a Peruvian lily also symbolizes devotion and can be regarded as a unique romantic flower. If you want to show royalty and beauty, go for the purple shades or stick to a red or pink for a romantic impact. A bouquet of Peruvian lilies is an amazing way of showing your lover how much you care for them.

  • Blue Iris
    Iris is considered as the Greek Goddess of love and you can never go wrong with these. The sophisticated-looking and elegant flower symbolizes faith and hope. Gift this February birth flower to your partner on her birthday, Valentine’s Day or when you are about to propose. It will make the special moment a lot more magical and simply take her breath away. 

Flowers can make anyone smile and they brighten up all the corners of the space. Moreover, Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Gurgaon, Delhi, Pune, and the big cities have got a lot easier because of the largely growing online flower delivery portals.