Say Goodbye to Car Buying Stress: Car Concierge Pro Ensures You Get the Best Price on Your New Ride 

Technology and services should align with the requirements of this rapidly growing world. If a service fails to meet the expectations of customers’ needs, the business may go through severely depressed stages of no progress at all. Neel Mehta, the founder of, understood this through his entrepreneurial journey and founded the stepping stone to something crazy that people around couldn’t help with. As the automotive industry increased, he discovered the gap between a dealer and a buyer. His attention was more focused on the buyer rather than the dealer. Car Concierge Pro was born to help buyers manage prices, negotiate and find a deal that suits them and discourage them from spending on pricing which doesn’t matter on their chosen car. Neel Mehta invested his time in understanding why customers pay different prices for the exact vehicle at various dealers. His understanding made the car concierge service more straightforward and accessible. 

Car concierge service includes finding a vehicle based on your preferences and conveniences, handling the purchase process from negotiating the prices for an affordable deal to easing the paperwork signing process and finally delivering the vehicle to your doorstep. To provide the buyer with a high-quality and time-saving experience, Car Concierge Pro completes these four necessary tasks on their behalf. For a globally leading country like America, car concierge service is fundamental to meeting the increasing demand for owning vehicles at an economical rate. It is a financial gain and a time saver. 

The benefits of this service are:

1) Less stress and a hassle-free buying experience: Buying a vehicle is a stressful decision for most people. If they have access to a trustworthy expert, those more knowledgeable about automobiles’ technical aspects and features may make better decisions. Researching, understanding, and visiting dealers after running from the office may weaken your energy to get through daily. Instead of being a necessity, purchasing an automobile is an emotional accomplishment and a part of life’s successes. Car Concierge Pro has an experienced team to push your spine into relaxation mode and do the entire job with accuracy, impeccable knowledge and professional negotiation skills.

2) Time-saving: On average, of the three hours spent at the dealership, two hours are generally spent on paperwork and negotiations. Since bargaining is a difficult endeavour, fewer people succeed at it overall. All the processes, including haggling over price and reviewing the paperwork, are done at lightning speed to ensure quality service at each step. A concierge service ensures you get the best deal without putting stressful and depressing effort into negotiating the price you just got on the card.

3) Best deals to save money: Different dealers have different price ranges for a single car, which are affected by numerous factors. Car Concierge Pro is well-versed in identifying those influencing factors for breaking the price barrier regarding the customer’s budget. With the legacy and history of more than four years of experience, we have made the car buying stories unique by saving around $2000 to $4000 on a single deal. 

How does Car Concierge Pro give new directions to the service? 

Our perseverance and relentless effort are investments in getting the best deal for our customers. We are solving the real problem that everyone around us faces every day. Since we were in the same seat some years ago, we are fully aware of the stress that comes with it. Our negotiation skills result from our hard work understanding the reasons behind the differences in car prices in various locations. While geographical differences do not impact this, Neel Mehta and his team have also made them a part of their study. 

We add new dimensions to the service by clearly understanding what our customers expect from us and how passionate they are about buying a new car. We believe in keeping our promises throughout the process and don’t compromise quality at any stage. Our persistence and commitment lead to success; our customer’s needs are at the forefront while we steer the wheel for a new deal. Our value-driven service professionally takes care of our customer’s needs, from finding the best deals to delivering the vehicle to their doorstep. For us, customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for a glowing future in the long run. Car Concierge Pro wants to provide better services with significant changes in the coming years and, thereby, play a crucial role in the growth of American society.