Savory Baked Goods Worth Adding to Your Restaurant Menu

Not all baked goods are created equally! While sweets and treats have a necessary place on the menu, there are many amazing savory baked goods that are too often overlooked. Savory foods are full of flavor, often from spices rather than sugars. The aroma of savory foods baking away is hard to resist!
There are many reasons why savory baked goods deserve a place on every menu. From homemade bread to savory pastries and with fillings like herbs, meats and cheeses, it’s easy to see why people love the bold combinations and the simple convenience of handheld baked goods. Baked goods typically will be made fresh daily, which gives consumers one more reason to choose them over other menu items. Savory items offer more variety whether it’s unique, ethnic flavors or functional foods like seeds and sprouted grains.

Pot Pies

With potatoes, carrots, peas, corn, chicken, and bread, pot pies are a one-pot meal packed with flavor, all the food groups, and is very filling. The salt, pepper, onion, and thyme bring all of the ingredients together in every satisfying mouthful. With a flaky, buttery crust on the outside and a creamy sauce on the inside, chicken pot pie is the best comfort food out there. One large pot pie can serve many people, and they can be made with a variety of fruit, vegetable, and herb combinations to change things up. Pot pies are even easy to make vegan or vegetarian to offer a less common option.


When people think Stromboli, pizza flavors may come to mind. Bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and more allow for some really savory combinations of flavors in this veggie-filled bread rollup. Stromboli take longer to prepare, but are so delectable and filling that they are worth the effort.

Breakfast Crostata

A typical crostata, which originated in Italy, has a fruit filling, but using eggs, bacon, and cheese creates a unique twist on the crostata that can be used as a breakfast or brunch pastry instead. Basil and rosemary are not just dinner seasonings. Add them to these breakfast crostatas for an aromatic, delicious flavor in your pastries.

Savory Tarts

Tarts are open pastries with savory fillings and may or may not have side crusts. A tart’s crust is more like a shortbread and is not flaky like a pie’s. Filling options range from tomatoes and cheese to beef and sour cream to lobster and peppers. Tarts can be made the size of a pie, or they can be made as individual serving cups. This gives them the flexibility of being served in a more elegant fashion or as a smart, easy carry-out choice. When made as single-serving cups, a whole variety of tarts is easy to make and offer on the menu.

Cottage Rolls

This is a quick savory pastry to check out. Made with frozen puff pastry and filled with cottage cheese, nuts, breadcrumbs, and carrots, they’re easy to mix up and quick to bake. There is something delightfully satisfying about rolling up a pastry full of delicious, nourishing ingredients and serving it to hungry guests. Since these do not take long, they are easy to turn out if it looks like demand is strong.


Crispy on the outside, delightfully chewy on the inside, bagels are an often looked over savory treat. Easily customized for a variety of flavors, bagels are great treats for their grab and go capabilities. Cream cheese, regular or flavored, makes a great topping for savory bagel.
Bagels are a great way to start the day, with enough calories, carbohydrates, and fiber to give the day a helpful boost. Add a topping or a fruit on the side to round out a filling, healthy breakfast to serve.


A quiche, originated in France, is an egg-filled dish that is baked in a tart or pie crust. A quiche is another savory food that can be easily changed to offer a variety of different flavors. Cheeses, ham, seafood, and colorful vegetables can be mixed into the egg filling to make a one-dish breakfast meal. Fill this custard pie with spinach, mushrooms, and other vegetables for a tasty, healthy vegetarian offering. Even simply tweaking the spices included can give a quiche a whole new flavor to try.


Breadsticks seem to be a food most families don’t make often at home. They can be enhanced with olive oil, different herbs, and cheese to create a unique taste. Breadsticks can be served before a meal or alongside one, to help fill and enchant diners. They are the perfect handheld bread addition!


Don’t discount rolls as being too plain to count as a savory baked good worthy of being served! Butter, buttermilk, and salt make dinner rolls fluffy and have that melt-in-your-mouth aspect makes them hard to stop at one. Rolls are an excellent filler before the meal, but they also go great with a variety of different foods, like soups, salads, and even meats. Rolls will always disappear faster than they can be put on the table!

Soft Pretzels

Pretzels, which originated in Germany, have a fun and unique shape, and there are many options for making them flavorful. The crisp outer texture, sprinkled with salt, lends itself well to different dips like marinara sauce or mustard. Soft pretzels are best eaten while fresh and warm, so they are a little more difficult to carry on a regular basis, but well worth the attempt.

Some savory food choices take more time and attention to prepare than others, but the payoff is worth it when consumers are so happy with the menu options they become repeat customers, also going out and sharing the recommendation with all their friends. Many savory bakery items bring about a feeling of warmth, a feeling of home, and a feeling of delightful satisfaction that makes the soul feel happy. Savory baked goods provide a nourishing boost of energy, without the sugar that overwhelms the body, so consumers can feel full. So, strap in, warm up your commercial oven, and get ready for some savory goodness.