IT SHOULD BE FUN to avoid wasting …

Having a goal for saving tips makes it way more fun, especially when the full family is involved. Set intermediate goals and reward yourself; it doesn’t should be so expensive, it’s important to stay the motivation up. Bring an image of your dream destination after you shop! per Expressen, it reduces the will to waste.

An effective thanks to making more cash is to cut back spending so the cash lasts longer. It shouldn’t be that difficult and guaranteed fun after you notice the change. an honest thanks to saving cash and Saving tips is to review your expenses. Compare prices on insurance, loans, electricity contracts, and subscriptions regularly.


The cost of food could be a big expense in most households but it’s possible to save tips lots of lots of cash without living on water and bread. Coupon guide In January 2013, Fattiglappen’s family saved a tips of SEK 500 / person compared with the Swedish Consumer Agency’s budget, but it’s possible to eat even cheaper for people who want to.


Many big stores just once they are paid then the danger is that plenty of unnecessary slips into the sack. Fattiglappen’s best tip is to form a weekly menu with a shopping list where you’ll plan your purchases so all the raw materials are used so persist with the list.


A cheap and environmentally friendly tip is to eat less meat and to increase the recipes with carrots, lentils, beans, and chickpeas. Preferably choose raw materials in line with the season, eg cheap root vegetables within the winter rather than tomatoes. rummage around for meat at an additional price and freeze it in smaller packages. Skip the plastic bags, then both the environment and also the wallet are happier. Before every day you eat leftovers.


You who have recently moved into a rental apartment or bought a house often get a permanent agreement, or instruction agreement, with an area electricity company. it’s seldom a financially sound choice.

Variable or fixed electricity contract?

Regularly reviewing your electricity contract can make a giant difference in your wallet; for you who still have a permanent contract, it is many unnecessary thousand dollars a year. be at liberty to use different comparison sites to work out which electricity agreement is best for you. An agreement that was best one year is maybe less advantageous than another, it’s going to be time to vary companies and negotiate new terms. Best online reviews


A Plasma screen draws about 50% more power than an LCD screen, but the massive difference is that the size of the screen, the energy consumption increases rapidly with the dimensions. the event has progressed considerably and today there are many devices that only draw a fraction of what the corresponding device would have done 4-5 years ago.

A major electricity source within the household is all appliances on constant standby and in step with the Swedish Energy Agency, this energy loss can account for the maximum amount as 30-40% of those appliances’ total energy consumption. Halogen spotlights and movable chargers also draw electricity when not in use. the straightforward solution is branch contacts with switches.

SKIP the house PHONE


For those of you who don’t call from home that much, it should be cheaper to completely skip the house phone and just call together with your mobile. Just make sure to test the coverage before you choose.

The poor patch has gathered some very interesting upstarts within the mobile subscription market. confine mind that several of those players don’t have customer support by phone but usually via email and chat function.

If you would like plenty of support – then rather choose one among the more traditional mobile subscriptions, otherwise, these companies are an inexpensive and affordable alternative. No tying time!


Do not buy more surfing than you wish, For those that have a Smartphone and surf lots, the value will after all vary, but it’s still possible to possess a prepaid card and check out to surf through free wifi. On the wifi map, you’ll be able to find places with free wifi, mostly cafes, and restaurants, so in fact, it’ll not be completely free if you’re not outside …

Remember to plan your use of knowledge traffic and download apps, music, and more after you are on a wireless network. Also detain mind that if you hear streaming music and alter the song after just some seconds, there is also a risk that the complete song has been downloaded to the phone and you’ve got used expensive megabytes unnecessarily.

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