Saving Time: 10 Life Hacks To Stretch The Day

We do not like to waste time on routine, and thanks to modern technologies this is no longer required. You can be a caring mother and still run a business. Live in your own house outside the city and work in the center. Fly over the equator for the weekend, and on Monday, as if nothing had happened take the children to school.

There is only one problem with all these opportunities that have opened up – time. It’s always missing. Therefore, today we have collected several technological life hacks that will help save time and do it beautifully.

Life hacks that help save time

Out of sync with stream

The bottom line is this: avoid movement in the stream. No need to go to work when everyone is driving. Come an hour early and leave earlier. Of course, this must be agreed with the immediate supervisor. Rush-hour travel takes too much time.

No need to go shopping when everyone is going. No need to stock up on food and gifts before the New Year. Do this at least a couple of days earlier.

Out of sync gives:

  • lack of queues;
  • low prices;
  • reducing stress.

Make lists

Do not be lazy to make a more or less detailed list of things to do during the day. Use stickers actively. Practice shows that this method will save you from thirty minutes to one and a half-hour daily.

Let the household appliances work

Use household appliances actively, there is no need to defrost the chicken for three hours if there is a microwave in the kitchen. Or here’s another example: many housewives think that it is better to wash a small number of dishes by hand than to load them into the dishwasher again. This is not the case, statistics show that in this case, using the dishwasher for its intended purpose, you will save about four hours of time per week.

Make friends with the delights of the online world

With the advent of the Internet, undoubtedly, the quality of our life with you has increased, but do not forget about the rational use of this resource. Spend your time on the Internet profitably! Try moving some of your work and study online. Today, there are a lot of educational platforms available on the Internet that allow you to study at any time convenient for you. You can even get a driver’s license online today. Just download the Zutobi app and start learning a new skill.

Get up early

Try not to succumb to laziness and sleep. Go to bed at the agreed time and wake up at the previously set alarm clock. In order not to involuntarily turn off the alarm and continue sleeping, put it in a place from where you will not reach it.

Take the weekend

Sometimes you just need to take an extra day off at work in order to put the small backlog in order. For a whole day, additionally dedicated to these matters, you will have much more time than if you carry out these tasks in the current daily routine.

Order home delivery

This feature will help you to save a tremendous amount of time because you do not have to spend time on exhausting shopping trips yourself.

Master at home

Nowadays, there are many companies providing various services. Do not hesitate to call the master at home if you have more important things to do.

Replace appointments with phone calls

Running to a meeting for the sake of getting insignificant information does not make sense. After all, fortunately, humanity has long invented such a useful thing as telephone. Just imagine how much time you can save this way. It can be spent on solving more serious problems or devoted to something pleasant: relaxation, communication, reading, etc.

Use your time on the road

Every day we spend a lot of time getting to work and back. Make the most of this time. In the morning, while the head is not yet full of work, it can be visited by rather bright thoughts. Instead of mindlessly contemplating the surrounding landscapes, or watching a dream interrupted by an early rise, reflect on a new project or come up with a universal solution to some global problem.