Save Your Wooden Furniture from Termites Now

Feeling uncomfortable in your own house is such a pain, especially when you come home after a long day of work. Such uncomfortable instances can happen due to pests. They will not let you take a breath of relief by always creating mess here and there and destroying your valuable possessions. And termites are excellent when it comes to destroying your home.

This is why it is advised to call a professional agency of termite inspection near me as soon as you have witnessed termite activities. However, if your home is free of these devils then you need to be proactive in taking precautions to keep it that way. Just because your home is termites-free doesn’t mean it will always be.

And that’s the reason why we are here. We are going to give you absolute precaution tips that will save all things wooden from termites. Check out the below list:

Anti-Termite Chemical

Anti-termite chemical is the best solution for termite protection. Not only you won’t have to spend much effort or time on it but it will also work wonderfully, leaving no space for doubt later on. You need to apply the solution after the furniture is fabricated. You can also make use of wood preservatives on the surface. After that, wait for 6 to 8 hours to let the plywood dry and then finish it up with veneer or laminate. You can do the same to wooden doors or any other wooden objects.

Moisture Protection

All termite inspection companies near me swear off by one tip and that is to save wooden things from moisture. Wet and dark areas are where termites thrive and as long as you will all your furniture dry, you won’t have to worry about termites. Keep the kitchen and bathroom well-ventilated, as these are moisture-prone places. Also, if you found leaks or seepage at home, make sure to take care of it.

Care for Your Furniture

You need to keep all the wooden things squeaky clean and dry as mentioned above. But don’t stop there. Using a non-toxic cleaner for deep cleaning is also a good way of making sure your valuables are safe from pests. You should use a dry microfiber cloth as wiping with a wet cloth will completely defuse the intention. This way you cannot only keep the furniture clean but can be ready for any sudden termite attack.

No Soil Near the Home

Termites might like to take shelter where they eat but they don’t magically appear there, they travel underground to enter a home. And if your house has a garden or lacks a cemented backyard, then you can easily host termites. In such cases, the best termite inspection near me always suggests building a solid barrier around the home. Even though such things should be done at the time of construction but you can just pour the concrete around the house to be somewhat safe. Make sure that no part of your home is touching the soil, and that will be all.

Termite-Resistant Polishing

All houses should be maintained regularly, but when it comes to taking care of wooden things, you will only need to do it once every five years. Get yourself an oil-based varnish as it works well as a protective coat. Ensure that the polishes are termite-resistant as well as expert in keeping your furniture brand new. Upon applying the coat, the future would have a hard and shiny coat of protection.

Solid Basement

If you have made the mistake of installing wood flooring in your basement, then it’s highly likely that you will need a termites treatment brisbane in the future. Basements should always have a solid foundation underneath and hard flooring. Otherwise, you just need to be on your toes and check out that termites have not infested your home. That is a very uncomfortable task to do as you will always be worried about the infestation. And that’s why we suggest you make your foundation solid before anything.

If the termites have already entered your home, then you need to call a professional team of exterminators as without their help you cannot get rid of them all. Termites breed too fast, so if you have seen a termite or hear a certain sound of wood scraping, you need to contact an affordable termites treatment brisbane.

But before that, you need to ensure that they use family-friendly and eco-friendly products. Ensuring this trait is especially important if you have kids and pets in your home. Along with that, make sure to open all the doors and windows before moving in after the treatment is done. This will help the residue to leave the house quickly. So, above are all the steps that need to be followed if your home is not affected by termites.