Sativa vs. Indica – Which Is Best For Stress Relief?

Stress is a natural response. It is a reaction to danger, a threat real or perceived. While it is true that humans need fear predators no longer, we still have many worries about us. Mounting bills, continuous workloads, social problems, and now, most recently, a worldwide pandemic, can trigger stress on a large scale. Body and mind feel under constant attack and now, “weed delivery LA” is a leading search term.

Under such conditions, the body signals the brain to release cortisol, the body’s reaction to stress. This, in turn, initiates an adrenaline response. Heart rate rises, muscles are ready to move without hesitation, at any moment. You feel constantly alert. These hormones help you handle danger as it arises, putting you in “fight or flight” mode. It wears off when the threat fades. At least, it should. Often, it lingers.

When stressed constantly, you are always in this mode. Any small trigger can activate your stress response and at seemingly any time. This has a hugely bad effect on the body and mind. Further, stress actually causes severe harm to entire organs, and even the immune system itself. It then makes you sick. In fact, many medical professionals consider stressing the leading cause of all human diseases.

Role of Cannabis

The essence of cannabis plants is their cannabinoids. These interact with our endocannabinoid system, acting in much the same way as our body’s own endocannabinoids do, to affect balance and healing where necessary. In the case of stress, these cannabinoids can support our own system to release the right endorphins to treat it effectively. Stress will signal the body for help. Cannabinoids provide it.

Under extreme stress, the body produces too much cortisol. Its own endocannabinoids cannot cope by themselves to slow production and effect relief. Cannabinoids offer the extra support needed to lower cortisol effectively and improve all stress-related symptoms. What is more, cannabis itself makes stressful situations less stressful. Its buzz makes worries less worrisome and you much calmer. Happier.

Benefits of Cannabis for Stress

When used properly, cannabis offers a safe, effective, and non-addictive treatment for stress and all of its related disorders. Many prefer cannabis to prescription drugs because of its natural origins. It contains no dangerous additives, no pharmaceutical risks. What is more, anecdotal evidence and scientific studies both concur that cannabis just works better too, and in a variety of ways.

Cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol, or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the most famous of them, can relax the body and calm it. There are other cannabinoids too, all with helpful and useful properties for treating stress and even all other diseases. Additionally, THC and CBD can act to clear the mind of irrational thoughts, fears, and panics. It can make you focus on the present, on the now.

Understanding Cannabis Genetics

Currently, numerous studies exist showing how cannabis reduces tension, relieves stress, and helps sufferers better manage related anxiety, depression, and other disorders. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, it is more than capable of lowering stress. We know the plant works, but it affects people differently. The question is then: What are the effects of different cannabis strains on stress?

The Cannabis genus contains three important species: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. These all produce their own unique effects, which themselves will influence stress outcomes. All cannabis strains contain one, two, or all three of these genes. Hybrids are very popular. Those with predominantly Indica genes typically express Indica effects. Those with more Sativa are more Sativa-like. Ruderalis has very low THC.

Effects of Indica on Stress

Indica strains are relaxing. Effects are typically mellow, calming, and even sedative. The stronger strains are outright tranquilizing. For some, paralytic. These sleepy effects do an excellent job of releasing tension and stress. Racing thoughts seize and calm prevails. For those panicking or otherwise unable to slow down and relax, Indicas offer the perfect solution. The more you consume, the sleepier you get.

Effects of Sativa on Stress

Sativas, on the other hand, are energetic. They stimulate, uplift, and boost focused creativity. They stabilize mood, focus attention on the job at hand instead of the anxiety, and make you overall more productive. This is a good choice for those with regular panic attacks. It can help to keep them at bay. Once panic hits, Sativas might be too stimulating to stop it. For some, too much THC triggers anxiety.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, studies into the effects of THC on emotional processing found Sativas manipulating the neural fear response, and ultimately your response to symptoms too. This is very encouraging for those paralyzed by fear. Sativa strains will get you moving again, functioning productively, but some strains can feel too potent in already stressed situations.

Marijuana Dispensary Delivery in Los Angeles

The pandemic, along with its associated economic, social, and financial stresses, is devastating entire populations. Nobody is immune and stress has likely never been higher in any living generation. Cannabis can help relieve some of that stress and tension. Simply search Google for “Weed delivery Los Angeles” for a dispensary closest to you. We offer Sativas and Indicas for every occasion and every need.