SAP Mobile Asset Management and Business Performance: Establishing the Relationship

Not every employee works from their desk, even in today’s digital era when no business is likely to survive in the market without getting digitized. Maintenance personnel, field technicians, miners, oil and gas workers, and many others do their job from the field — away from their office. With this in mind, the question arises — how do you equip your mobile workers with flexible, full-featured tools that help them finish their work efficiently and seamlessly as part of the digital business environment? And how can you streamline those tools to best suit your business needs and support your mobile workforce? The answer may be in SAP mobile asset management software.

What is SAP Asset Manager?

SAP Asset Manager is a mobile application, native to iOS and Android, that supports field workers and maintenance technicians to perform their job safely, independently, and efficiently by providing them with complex information and business data that is always available, including in offline environments. After SAP Work Manager, it’s the most sought-after mobile tool that asset-intensive businesses use to streamline their crucial processes.

Taking a Step Forward with SAP Mobile Asset Manager

SAP Asset Manager is now a part of most organization’s core processes, offering core, much-need mobile functionality to support the operation, service, and maintenance of assets. It not only offers organizations an efficient, cloud-based technology to better manage their assets but also a more user-friendly experience for mobile work — right on their smartphone screens, be those Android or iOS. In addition to this, it sets a solid foundation on which enterprises can grow and boost their bottom line. Organizations can further enhance their SAP Asset Manager and tailor it to meet their specific business needs by tapping into its additional services and solutions, such as SAP Cloud Platform. 

How SAP Mobile Asset Management Software Helps Businesses

Even though we have entered the digital era, many asset-intensive enterprises are still in the dark about how SAP mobile asset management solutions can benefit their bottom line. Let’s see how it can benefit them:

Standard-Based Process for Asset Management

The software gives you a standards-oriented approach for managing your physical assets. It is specially designed for enterprises that heavily rely on production equipment, facilities, machinery, vehicles, and power grids. It enables these businesses and organizations to enhance operational efficiency, improve asset utilization, and reduce operational costs. It also facilitates the comprehensive management of capital expenditure spanning the whole assets’ lifecycle.

Analysis-based business decisions

The SAP mobile asset management solutions feature a host of tools and functionalities that support quicker and more accurate asset reporting and analytics. This offers an ideal environment for business entities to make the most educated business decisions possible. The software also provides real-time visibility into asset performance, potential risks, and capital expenses, along with centralized monitoring for improved asset usage. These functionalities lead to better asset performance, increased efficiency, and dependability, which is often characterized by reduced disruptions in production operations, such as unexpected outages or shutdowns.

Management of complete asset’s life cycle

SAP mobile asset management software promotes effective and reliable management of the entire asset lifecycle that employs measures for lowering costs, protecting the environment, and improving health and safety concerns. It can also streamline the plant’s production processes by eliminating the complicated and lengthy paperwork, reducing work cycles, and lowering maintenance costs. All in all, it can leave a significant impact on asset-intensive businesses’ performance and bottom line.

Bottom line

If streamlining the way you manage your assets and support your mobile workforce are your priorities, you should consider deploying SAP mobile asset management solutions into your core processes, and see how it dramatically boosts your business performance.