Sanket Reddy: The Photographer and Adventurer’s Journey to the Gateway of Antarctica.

Sanket Reddy

Sanket Reddy, A Bangalore based photographer and adventurer is among very first Indians who recently visited Falkland Islands and he has not only captured some of the most amazing photographs in his camera but has spent time in experiencing what he calls the moments of awe which was enlightening and full of magnificence. He describes the beauty of Falkland Islands in a way that has almost changed his perception of life and has initiated a rejuvenation in him. It has stuck in his memory forever.

Mr Reddy told us that Falkland Islands are one of the most scenic and fascinating parts of the world and its seclusion only adds to the beauty and mystery of this amazing set of islands, making it an appealing getaway spot for intrepid travellers who believe in living their lives on edge and experiencing the wonders of nature.

To those who haven’t heard of Falkland Islands, they are one of the most beautiful and secluded places on earth when it comes to exploring glacial and wintry places. The most amazing thing about Falkland Islands is that it is self-governing and self-sufficient place and offers an exquisite adventurous retreat to the visitors which is enough to lure people who are exploring new places and challenges in their lives. It has its own way to ignite a deep sense of inquisitiveness and wonder among the visitors. The home of King Penguins, Magnificent Sea Lions and Patagonian Foxes, Falkland Islands lie about 480 km northeast of the southern tip of South America and a similar distance east of the Strait of Magellan and it is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the South Atlantic ocean.

“Although it is a kind of challenge to overcome the visa formalities and start a journey for this amazing destination, once you reach there, it captures you within its beauty and serenity. The experience is magical and everlasting. Upon reaching, It was a surprise for me to realise that I was among the first Indians to visit there and the officers had me mark on the map which was a very surreal feeling. The challenging weather and climate could not suppress the adventurer in me as I tried to squeeze as much profundity as I can out of each and every moment that I spent there.” Said Mr Reddy.

He said the place is full of unique flora and fauna. He recalled one of his encounters with the wildlife when he unknowingly got surrounded by a waddle of King Penguins while he was taking a nap and he said that he didn’t get scared. Instead, he observed their surviving skills and how beautiful they are.

“I have seen the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on this planet. But the ones in the Falklands were the most beautiful ones. The wildlife, human settlements, vegetation, everything seem to have a charm that make you forget your inhibitions and arrogance. You realise how miniscule you are and how even a small creature like Penguin can teach you so much about life and nature.” Mr Reddy said.

He has shot some of the most memorable photographs on his trip to Falklands Islands but it is the experience that he had there that he will cherish forever.

“I think we should encourage more tourism to such places because it teaches you a lot.” He said.

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