Sandy Idigbe Consultancy Acquires Scotland-based Alex & Dave PR Agency to Enhance its Presence and Position in the UK

Having a well-balanced online as well as offline presence for businesses is now a necessity. The services and outcomes offered by PR agencies have expanded considerably in the last few years. Thus, brands all over the world are looking to improve and increase their scalability and visibility. Taking into notice Alex & Dave PR Agency’s communications offering in the global market, London-based Sandy Idigbe Consultancy recently said it has taken over the Scotland headquartered company, with a view to expand its presence and to have an in-house PR facility.

Sandy Idigbe Consultancy’s existence and repute graves point in time that spans decades with over hundreds of thousands of employees spread across the world, offering services including campaign marketing, branding, recruitment, advertising, and now PR with the addition of ADPR. Sandy Idigbe, the founder and the brain behind the empire, shared, “We did not have a PR vertical in our group. The take over is in line with our goal to be the foremost consultancy in the UK as well as other parts of the world within the next five years. ADPR is strong enough and has a stellar track record, and so, we are certain they’ll do justice in terms of servicing big clients with a global footprint. In our partnership, there’s a common ground and chemistry to pull things together. Not to forget, ADPR brings to the table what we expect.”

Going forward, Idigbe adds there will be plenty of opportunities for communications professionals, and likewise, for the clients to be convinced of the growing importance of the field. “The union of AGDR and our consultancy is a great example of where we desire to be, in terms of introducing new concepts, making breakthroughs, developing strategies, and then executing them,” added Idigbe.

For her, the take over is a way to have global exposure which when combined with essential skills and local capabilities will only lead to promising growth.