Need for speed: what is the ideal blog publishing frequency?

A frequent question we often hear is, “Is there any perfect blog publishing frequency?” There is a lot of conflicting advice available on the internet for your website. It’s no wonder. But for a huge San Antonio SEO company, scheduling blog posts is best to work as a guessing game. 

Unfortunately, even content teams in large established organizations don’t have a consistent blogging strategy in place. As a result, their content looks like a random mishmash quilt. 

So, here it comes that the audience prefers reading posts at the same frequency? If not, then what should be the ideal to post for each section?

It’s all about timing!

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Marketers have a lot going on in their heads. It includes meetings, email, marketing campaigns, and whatnot. Alongside, they are creating and managing content to engage audiences on multiple channels. And then, unexpectedly your boss walks in….

“We are launching a new feature and going to need all-new content to promote it well.”

For some, the daily chores simply get in the way of our ability to create and publish content consistently. On the other side, some don’t have a chance as they haven’t defined any sort of publishing frequency or schedule. Research has shown that more than 60% of customers begin their purchase with Google search. 

On our SEO service, we include content planning and discover the target audience. What they are searching for and how frequently. So now, it depends on your target audience’s queries, curiosity, and other factors that drive their searches.

Believe in quality rather than quantity

The road to consistency begins when you identify publishing frequency that you can maintain. But nailing that down will get you out of the driveway. Set your expectation on the quality of content is high quality takes time to create and requires lower frequency. When you market it right, great content acts as a game-changer

As per statistics, blogging two to four times a week is good to aim for and gives more traffic and conversion for both B2C and B2B companies. But, there is an alert! Those researches assume that you have a data-driven content, customer-focused and well-organized strategy. But those won’t tell you numbers to post and bring us back to the content publishing dilemma. 

The debate has been ongoing for decades now on content quality vs. quantity. Search on Google to know which side is winning these days; we bid you “good luck.”

Get a deep dive into Analytics 

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First, start by sketching out buyer personas. Then, use your social media and content analytics to discover your audience’s demographics. Research about their needs, location, online timing, and other characteristics. Create a “portrait” of these target customer sections. You can also give names and create a snapshot of their needs. 

Use your social media platform and reach out to what kind of information you need to solve their problems. Satisfy their curiosity by asking questions. 
Ask them how regular they read your posts? Are you posting frequently that they roll their eyes when they see another blog post in their inbox? A San Antonio SEO company will fine-tune your content strategy, including your publishing frequency, so that you can align with your audience.

Your readers should be your priority

User is the primary concern in modern SEO. When you create content for customers, your time, energy, and money use are best. If your customer or reader wants to stay updated with cutting-edge analysis and wants to respond to industry changes. He or she will appreciate your daily blog. Customers who are in search of in-depth analysis prefer weekly or monthly updates. 

The content of your blog post consists of analysis, review, news, or top ten list. For instance, it will help you determine how often your readers want to read new posts.

Get Connected with more Digital Updates

Be in collaboration with sales and service teams

Your analytics might describe part of the story about how frequently your prospects and customers want to hear something from you. For instance, open email frequency can offer you some insights into how often you should post your newsletter to various subscriber segments. 

However, your sales and customer service team speaks with customers daily. Content collaboration with customer-facing reveals the frequency of each segment at various stages and their buyer’s journey. 

Posting frequency insight is not only the benefit you can get from these conversations. San Antonio SEO service makes sure you learn from your customers and prospects. In addition, answering questions from your targeted content helps you drive decisions with loyalty.


It’s best to monitor, analyze and engage with your visitors to determine how often you should post. And when your readers want to read your posts. Posting it regularly will create quality content and make it remarkable. No matter how often you will update your blog, each post should be ideal for your visitors. 
The main concern is that you should provide the information that they want. The SEO company will not sacrifice quality for frequency; it can term as blog suicide. Your end goal is not to increase traffic but to attract quality traffic. Make your audience engage with you and convert them into leads. That’s where speed matters.