Samantha Mitling Goes Viral With Her Martial Arts

Samantha Mitling has become a viral sensation with her videos across social media such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube in regards to her ability to fight, perform martial arts, and specialize in weaponry such as the bo staff. The hype around martial arts has been drastically increasing. With many kids seeing fighting content online, in movies, and in real life, some people who can truly perform these tricks are getting the world’s attention. One of those people is Samantha Mitling.

Samantha Mitling is a professional martial arts athlete from Lino Lakes, Minnesota. Within North Amera alone, Samantha has reached millions and millions of followers due to her sharing videos online of her weaponry martial arts tricks. One of her more popular videos is of her performing stunts and tricks with a bo staff, one of the hardest weapon choices to use of martial arts.

Samantha Mitling now has an audience of over a hundred and forty thousand (140k) fans watching her content and her daily victories. It started with small practices when Samantha was younger, then local tournaments, and now all the way to her videos reaching millions of people online with a dedicated audience cheering her on.

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