Salomon Doncel: The Wise King

Grandson of a wealthy entrepreneur arrived in Spain’s luxury town of Marbella and founder of Hermanos Urbano, Salomon Doncel “escaped” the comfort of his well-established family to start his fascinating adventure around the world, becoming a translator, interpreter, linguist, researcher and personality. His life adventure is unique, personal, and self-financed, never relying on his family’s name, background, or wealth to achieve any of his goals.


Featured in Vogue Italy by famous photographer Irene Sekulic, he never intended to become a model but a scholar. With quality over quantity, he is now considered not only one of the most outstanding manga and anime translators in Europe but also has contributed to Academia with his breakthrough research about the history of the otaku community, the only comprehensive work to the date that provides remarkable insight of the fan community of manga and anime in the Spanish context. Part of Doncel’s exceptional research was developed at Waseda University and was recently published in the prestigious journal Mechademia by the University of Minnesota Press, dedicated to Asian popular culture. 


Doncel started his career as a manga and anime translator in 2005 when he was still a student at the University of Granada, world-renowned for translation studies. Since then, he has been collaborating with the most relevant dubbing studios and publishers in the industry. Some of his major works are the translations of mangas such as Your Lie in AprilUtsubora, and A Silent Voice, and anime translations of Lupin III and Detective Conan. Doncel has also participated in relevant discussion panels and conferences on manga, anime and linguistics in Europe and Japan.


Based in Tokyo, he continues researching in the field of manga and linguistics while he manages an English conversation school in Ginza, one of the most exclusive districts in Tokyo.