Sailing the Gulf of Mexico: 7 Destinations You Need to See to Believe

Imagine sailing the Gulf of Mexico. The sun is shining and blue waters are inviting you for an adventure. But what do you know about the Gulf of Mexico destinations?

A neighbor to the North American continent, the Gulf of Mexico is a large body of water that connects the Atlantic Ocean. The gulf links the straits of Florida, throughout the United States, and beyond to Mexico.

Read on to discover the 7 key destinations you cannot miss when sailing the Gulf of Mexico. 

1. Sanibel Island, Florida  

Sanibel Island is a picturesque locale in southern Florida. The nearest city is Fort Myers.

The island is considered one of the best Gulf of Mexico destinations because of its beaches¬†where you can relax or take up a local activity like shelling at Bowman’s Beach.¬†

2. Key West, Florida 

Key West is Florida’s most southern tip.

When cruising the Gulf of Mexico, a stop in Key West is a must because the city is great for water aficionados. Take your pick of places to dock such as Galleon Marina. 

Key West has cultural pursuits like the former home of Ernest Hemingway and waterfront dining on Mallory Square. 

3. St. Petersburg, Florida 

St. Petersburg is a city near Tampa that offers culture, dining, and more. You can dock in St. Petersburg’s Municipal Marina which is centrally located in the city’s vibrant downtown water district.

In St. Petersburg, art lovers will enjoy the Dali Museum. But if relaxation is your thing, beach destinations in the Gulf of Mexico will delight you. 

4. Gulfport, Mississippi 

Gulfport is Mississippi’s second-largest city.

Gamblers must stop here when sailing the Gulf of Mexico. The city is renowned for its casino that hosts weekly dances.

Gulfport has a Municipal Marina where you can dock and enjoy all that the city has to offer.  

5. Mustang Island, Texas  

While the crowds flock to Galveston, you can explore more intimate Mustang Island. 

In Mustang Island, take your pick of marinas. Mustang Island State Park and Port Aransas Beach are just two locations to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico. 

6. Orange Beach, Alabama 

Orange Beach is one of the Gulf of Mexico destinations you will love if you enjoy water activities. 

If you are thinking about chartering a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, consider Orange Beach. A boat charter is a great way to explore the waters near Alabama and go fishing. 

To know more about chartering a boat and exploring Alabama’s best beach, visit Orange Beach!¬†

7. Bimini, Bahamas 

How to sail the Gulf of Mexico? Include an international adventure! Bimini is a small collection of islands in the Bahamas, close to Florida. 

If you are seeking destinations in the Gulf of Mexico that are off-the-beaten-path, consider Bimini. 

Sailing the Gulf of Mexico: Are You Ready? 

Sailing the Gulf of Mexico is a dream if you know where you are headed and have a solid travel plan. These seven destinations are sure to inspire your next trip!

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