Sahil Dahiya: The emerging name in the online dropshipping business industry taking everybody by storm.

Dahiya points out a few mistakes that rising entrepreneurs make when setting up their dropshipping business in the e-commerce space.

There are a few people in this world who do not stop at anything even when they face several challenges in life, even if life keeps posing them with numerous struggles, all they do is keep fighting, they find new ways & keep punching back. That is how they find their route to becoming successful eventually. And, this is what is the story of Sahil Dahiya, a young mind who saw many hardships since a young age, but with his determination & vigour kept working & grew as an entrepreneur in the e-commerce industry.


Dahiya at only 18 years of age after completing his 12th grade decided to become an entrepreneur & from here his struggle started to gather funds for his dropshipping online store. He worked as a freelancer in digital marketing at the same time also run Facebook ads on online platforms. After successfully getting the money from these odd jobs, he started his dropshipping site on a small scale. And, today scaled the same business to greater heights. However, learning from his experiences, he also wants to point out a few mistakes that young entrepreneurs make while setting up their online dropshipping store.


There are a number of potential factors that can lead to the downfall of a dropshipping business as per Dahiya. Hence, avoiding some errors while running your business is vital. Some of the common mistakes that start-ups make:


  • Only focusing on a single store: Well, this might seem difficult, but it is important to run 2-3 dropshipping stores online in an industry that is already competitive. Start-ups only focus on working & developing a single dropshipping site, but later it becomes difficult for them to survive with a single site in the industry. Hence, Dahiya suggests running a few online dropshipping stores in different niches to be actively invested in the e-commerce business increasing your chances of getting successful.
  • No usage of an order tracking system: Many start-ups feel that their job is done once the customer clicks the checkout button. But, this is a common mistake companies make of not communicating with the customers after they make a purchase. You must invest in an order tracking system recommends Dahiya. Also, send them confirmation emails, etc. to keep the interaction alive.
  • Choosing the wrong supplier: Dahiya insists on selecting the right supplier just like you choose the right niche for your site. There are many things that may impact your business with the right supplier, like the quality of the product, the delivery process, etc. New companies often end up selecting a wrong supplier which negatively impacts a business.
  • Keeping hidden shipping costs: Many new dropshipping sites, keep hidden shopping costs that only appear after customers checkout. This is one of the primary reasons why customers do not want to buy from you. Hence, according to Dahiya, it is necessary, to be honest, & transparent enough from the start with the shipping costs. Also, it is recommended to go for free shipping if you could, as this is a great trigger for customers to purchase only from you. 


Avoiding the above errors is what Dahiya wants budding entrepreneurs to understand & start thinking from the minds of the customers to reach them better & to serve them better with their services.