Safety tips for shopping online

With the Good End just around the corner and the mobility restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are not a few who are preparing to take advantage of the offers and get in advance some of the gifts for this Christmas with the promotions online. However, today we want to give you 5 excellent tips so that your online purchases are safe and avoid fraud, identity theft or that in the end you end up without money and without gifts Online Shopping.

At any time, protect your purchases

In Ghana we have at least 4 events a year in which we can make use of special promotions and offers dedicated to purchases, in physical stores or online: the Good End, the Hot Sale, the Blue Monday and the Prime Day. In each one of them, the chains take advantage to attract more customers and increase their sales. But if you like to buy online in Ghana or it will be your first time making this type of transaction online, then follow these recommendations:

Check the seller’s reputation

A first step to prevent fraud is to verify the seller’s reputation: if it has enough sales to generate a rating and if this rating is good. In addition, orienting yourself by the comments of other buyers also helps to decide whether a seller can be trusted or not.

They must always have a security certificate

Have you seen that in the search bar sometimes an icon appears before the URL of the website in the form of a padlock and sometimes not? Well, this padlock is known as an SSL security certificate, which is a global standard security certificate that allows the communication between a browser and a web server to be encrypted. This reduces the risk of data theft when interacting with a website. If when making your purchases on the internet, the website you are browsing does not have the lock in the search bar, be careful! You could be the victim of identity theft and your bank details.

Prefer alternative means of payment

If you are one of those who does not like having to put your credit or debit card details online, then you may prefer to use an alternative means of payment such as PayPal You only have to open one of these accounts and fund it with money from your card (yes, in the end you will have to use it), but the advantage is that if for any reason there is a problem when you receive your purchase, you can file a claim and your money will be safe until you are not satisfied with the purchase. Remember that many platforms also have other forms of payment such as bank deposits. You can also choose to return the purchase and get your money back!

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Use a digital card

The use of digital cards is becoming more and more popular by banks and users. You can choose to use one to add an extra element of security to your online purchases. Depending on your bank, from your online app you may have the ability to generate a random card each time you make a transaction, including the 16 digits and the CVV; Or it may just be a security code (CVV) that your app generates. But by adding this random element you will be preventing your card data from being stolen and misusing it.