Safety Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

The safety of those working in real estate is often overlooked. Although many consider it to be a relatively safe job, there are actually a lot of issues that realtors can face, especially when showing people around homes. Real estate agents are an example of “lone workers”, meaning they often spend time alone, which can make them a target.

When it comes to showing homes and hosting open houses for strangers, real estate agents are frequently put in risky positions. While they’re showing properties, real estate agents are at their most vulnerable because they’re alone with a stranger. Although women in the real estate industry are more frequently targeted, many men can also become victims.

While most agents may not be too concerned about their safety, it is always best to be informed and prepared. If you’ve prepared for certain situations and take the necessary precautions, you can avoid anything bad happening. We put together this list of some of the top safety tips that other real estate agents have recommended. You can read more here about safety when it comes to online casinos.

Trust Your Instincts

Our instincts, often described as our “gut feeling”, can help to alert us of a situation that doesn’t feel right. These instincts tend to get much sharper as we age and get more experienced, but rookie real estate agents should also be able to sport certain scams and issues. Generally, you should always trust these instincts, as in most cases, they aren’t usually wrong. On top of that, the consequences of your instincts being wrong are far less severe than if you don’t act and they were correct. It’s always far better to err on the side of safety and awareness than to fall victim to someone.

Be Aware of Scammers

Although real estate workers can fall victim to violent crime, the vast majority of issues come from scammers. Physical safety should always be your primary concern, but it also pays to protect yourself from scammers and to be aware of potential scams. Some scammers might pose as a title company, asking buyers to transmit their banking information in order to complete their transactions. Agents should always filter their communications and remember that nearly no institution will ever ask for sensitive information by text or email.

Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

The best way to stay safe is by avoiding dangerous situations entirely, rather than reacting to them when they happen. It’s critical to maintain situational awareness when attending an open house. Situational awareness refers to being aware of your current situation. For example, you should always be aware of all the entrances, determine whether the neighbours will be present, and make sure that you have colleagues who know where you are and when you’re finishing. For the best safety, open houses should always be done with at least two real estate agents present, never by yourself.

Perform Checks Before Dealing with a Client

Many real estate agents now require potential clients to submit a copy of their ID before dealing with them. When it comes to knowing who you’re working with and weeding out potentially unsafe people, this is a great help. Although asking for ID may turn some clients away, the potential benefits are much greater. You could also take things further by requiring that clients undergo a background check before they can attend the house viewing.

In most cases, being a real estate agent is a safe profession, but it’s not without its risks. If you want to stay safe and avoid these potential risks, it’s important to be prepared. Following the above safety advice will help you to avoid issues and remain safe while at work.