Safest Cities in North Dakota

Which are the safest cities in North Dakota? Well, there are a couple of them depending on what they offer in terms of North Dakota real estate, crime rate, and population. Let’s check some of the cities that fulfill the criteria of being on the list of safest cities. 

Safest City #1: Dickinson 

The population of Dickinson is 22,309. However, the crime rate per capita is registered as 280.6. This is 5% less than the national average rate. Since there is a boom in oil, this city has been growing economically. When it comes to entertainment. Dickinson happens to have dinosaurs, prehistoric life remains in the form of fossils, etc. This place does justice to those who have retired and want to live the rest of their lives peacefully. 

Safest City #2: Lincoln 

With the crime rate 91% less than the national rate, Lincoln is considered the safest place in North Dakota. Other than that, the population is recorded as 3,467. Since the poverty rate is just 0.3%, Lincoln is known as the safest place to live in North Dakota. Education is quite high in this place. Also, the weather is mostly on the extreme side – too hot and too cold. 

Safest City #3: Hazen 

The third safest place on the list is Hazen. The population of this city is 2,643. However, the crime rate is 280.6 per capita. Also, on average Hazen has a 95% less crime rate. By far Hazen is considered the safest place to live in North Dakota. This place is meant for all those who have a thing for nature. The kind of feel Mother Nature emits is just wow! Activities that are offered in Hazen are mostly related to nature – hiking and biking on the trails. Music is another thing that most of the tourists and locals love about Hazen. 

Safest City #4: Lisbon

Last but not least, Lisbon is categorized as the safest place to live in North Dakota. It has a population of 2,063 people with a crime rate of 38% less than other cities. Lisbon has a beautiful history. It has amazing scenes and views in the form of rivers and parks. If you are one of those who love to visit riversides and parks, this would simply amaze you! One of the most famous rivers of North Dakota is found in Lisbon – the Sheyenne River. Interestingly, Lisbon has the oldest functional movie theater. 

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