safely administering the injection in the right place

When it comes to Botox or any other kinds of dermal fillers, people believe in many myths. Whether these are good options or not or whether they are costly or not, these are some doubts and questions that always come to the minds of many patients.

So, if you are looking for younger-looking skin with any signs of ageing or wrinkles or crowfeet, then you can plan to get Botox injectables today. The first and foremost thing that you have to do is find a clinic that will be convenient for you. For example, if you are looking for the best Botox in Cornelius NC or Charlotte, Huntersville, or Mooresville, North Carolina, then come to Dr Richard Rolle JR, the oral Surgeon at Rolle Oral and Facial Surgery. Or you can visit any reputed clinic in your location. When you are looking for these places, you also need to debunk all the myths that you have in mind about Botox. Take a look at the following points to know more.

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Myth 1: Not Safe and Can be Dangerous
In 1989, Botox first got the approval of the FDA for treating different medical issues. In 2002, Botox got the cosmetic-use approval. After that, till today, millions of people all around the world have been getting Botox most safely. For safely administering the injection in the right place of your face, you must find a doctor who will be trained and equipped to do so. There are clinics for Botox Charlotte NC or Statesville or Davidson where you can get the facility of 3D imaging. This will help the doctors to understand where to apply the injection on your face.

Myth 2: Botox can Cause Botulism
Botox is a purified protein, derived from botulinum toxin. Theoretically, botulinum toxin comes from bacteria which are often the primary cause of botulism food poisoning. This can become a severe case where the toxin can affect the nervous system. It can cause even paralysis or death if the patient is left untreated. Often this information can make one apprehensive about getting Botox. This is nothing but a myth. Botox or the botulinum toxin in it stays in the facial muscle in your face and doesn’t cause any such situation for the person who is getting it.

Myth 3: Frozen or Expression Less Face
With increasing age, we tend to notice lines on the face, like crowfeet, furrows on the forehead, wrinkles, and so on. This happens because your facial muscles become stiff, and it causes wrinkles. The job of Botox is to relax those muscles and help you get rid of wrinkles. So, when you are getting Botox, it will only affect the muscles where this injectable is administered. The rest of the face will remain normal and unaffected. So, there should not be any fear of a frozen look.

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Myth 4: It Only Works for Wrinkles
Botox first got approval from the FDA for different medical use only. It is after many years that the cosmetic benefits were discovered, and people, since then, are using Botox for dealing with the signs of ageing. However, you might not know, but Botox has been widely used for different issues including,

Eyelid muscle spasm
Chronic migraine
Cervical dystonia
Overactive bladder
Excessive underarm sweating
Upper limb spasticity
Myth 5: Botox is Painful
Think about it: how painful you think it will be? Botox is administered with a skinny needle that can cause only a little bit of pain. You might feel a sensation similar to pinching but nothing more than that. Records say that most people get Botox injection quite easily.

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Myth 6: You Can Get Botox at a Spa
No, you cannot. Botox or Juvederm dermal fillers need to be administered by medical practitioners. If you are in Kenansville or Concord North Carolina, and looking for the best places to get Botox, then you should visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Only they can help you with getting the Botox injectables.

So, now as you know about these myths and what the actual truth is behind them, what are you waiting for? Start looking for a clinic that performs oral and maxillofacial procedures and get your Botox now. Hope you love reading “Common Botox Myths”