A Safe Ecosystem For Countering Hostile Drone: Things To Keep in Mind While Opting For Countermeasures

The air security environment has become utterly unpredictable in recent times with the increasing vulnerabilities amid the technological innovations. Small rogue drones have been one of the major concerns for organisations across crucial sectors. To effectively deal with them, counter-drone technology is being developed and will most likely continue to dominate the air security space in the coming times as well.

The policies pertaining to air space security differ from country to country. In India, while nano-drones are currently unregulated, the operation of other categories of drones — micro, small, medium and large, needs to be done in compliance with a set of rules and regulations. Therefore, before adopting any counter measures, it becomes crucial for organisations to ensure that they are on par with the policies.

What is equally important to note is that like any other technology, counter-drone technology may come with certain limitations or risks. Thus, prior to their deployment in real-time environment, undertaking simulation and prototyping measures can be effective in detecting any underlying loopholes that can possibly pose threats. To help organisations in this regard, Bharat Aero has been working closely with OEMs and studying the impact of EMW Analytics on drones and how they react when exposed to specific electromagnetic radiation. The findings and results derived from the research help the OEMs in ensuring the robustness of counter-drone technology they develop.

From hijacking, jamming, neutralising to shooting down, there are various ways to counter rogue drones. However, before that, they ought to be monitored — the process of which includes detection, classification, tracking and alerting with the help of radio frequency analysers, acoustic sensors, optical sensors or radar.

The efficacy of countermeasures depends upon the criticality of the situation. While hijacking is usually considered to be the first option of countering drones, it is to be noted that taking down the unregistered UAVs should be the last call, only when all other measures fail.