Safe and Secure House Removals

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Moving is no easy job but it can also be exciting. You get to have a new home in a new environment with a new neighbourhood. However, the safety and security of your family and property should also be considered.

Moving down 2 blocks from your current house can already be a risk-filled occasion, just imagine moving across the country. Indeed, many circumstantial risks surround a move, especially for far away moving.

In this light, it helps to know what to do to lessen such anxieties. Below are some tips to make your move better and worry-free.

Safe and Secure House Removals

  1. Before the Move
  2. Make a plan and stick to it.

Risks are always there when you neglect to take precautionary actions. In the instance that your move is confirmed make sure to start all moving activities at once. Make a plan – from sorting your things to packing them; from disconnecting your utilities to cleaning your appliances and electronics. Remember to follow doing them as planned and scheduled.

  1. Pack your things properly.

When packing utensils, make sure to place them in sturdy boxes or containers. If you will use cabinets or drawers to save space and packing expenses, tightly secure the drawers and doors so they won’t open when carried or transported.

Wrap knives, metal skewers and gardening tools with cloth or bubble wrap to prevent causing cuts and other injuries. Secure breakables with enough buffers to ensure that they stay intact and safe.

  1. Carry and lift according to your capacity.

During packing day, you may need to carry, lift and move around things. Remember to ask a companion to help you carry heavy things. If you will lift boxes, make sure to carry a weight suitable for your body. A broken back or a sore arm can cause unwarranted delays to your moving schedule.

  1. Hire a reliable removalist.

If you want a safe and secure move, choose a removalist who can guarantee that your things will get to your new home in their pristine condition – no breakages, no dents and no malfunctioning appliances.

Hire a removalist near you with a good reputation. Read through their website and see what their past clients have to say. When others share exceptional experiences, then such a moving company must have done a really good job.

  1. Label all your boxes.

Get a marker and label all the boxes correctly. This can help you unpack your things without breaking anything. 

  1. During the Move
  2. Plan how you will lift and move big furniture, instruments and appliances.

Some large items also consist of complex mechanisms such as a piano, refrigerator and wooden furniture. In this case, you may need a special lifting equipment to ensure that they are brought out of the house safe and sound.

If you are moving these large things by yourselves, make sure you have the right tools including sliders, trollies and dollies. Decide the lifting process that will not cause damage to the house, the furniture and your body.

  1. Dress the part.

When you will participate in moving boxes or heavy things, wear something comfortable and loose enough for you to move freely. You should also wear something that is alright to get stained. And remember to wear safety gear like gloves, hat, face masks and other things that will ensure your safety.

  1. Take photos of the empty property.

Before leaving your current house, take photos of the empty place highlighting that it is spik and span. This can be very helpful, especially if you were just renting the place. Photos are perfect evidence that you left the property in perfect condition.

  1. Secure everything in the truck.

Use ropes or chains to secure the boxes, containers and furniture in the truck to prevent them from sliding or trampling down during the ride. Arrange the containers such that the heavier boxes are under those that are lighter. Breakables should also be placed securely over steady and sturdy packages.

  1. After the Move
  2. Carefully unload everything.

Just like how careful you were loading everything in the truck, make sure that you unload them in the same way. Make use of the lifting and carrying tools you previously used to ensure that all your belongings will get to your new house all intact.

  1. Replace your lock and keys.

If someone else was living in the property before you, they may still have copies of the keys of that house. For security reasons, it helps to have the locks rekeyed or a better option is to change them into new ones.

  1. Look out for danger zones.

Before unpacking your things, check out the entire place. Inspect danger zones such as electical boxes, staircases and blind spots. You should also check if the floor gets overly slippery when it gets wet so you can prepare a good remedy in case of spillages or during heavy rainy days.

If you have little kids or cute furballs, check all passages, gates, fences and stairs that may cause accidents for them. It helps to install safety precautions before you unpack so you don’t have to worry about them stumbling upon things or getting out of the house.

  1. Greet your immediate neighbours.

Nothing beats a happy neighbourhood. Be friendly and exude a good first impression. In addition to being neighbourly, it helps keep an eye on your property should anything suspicious occur.

  1. Update smoke detectors.

Whether or not your new home is equipped with one, make sure you update these devices as they can greatly help you in case fire breaks. You should also install a carbon monoxide detector to help improve the quality of air inside the house.

These moving tips can help you have safe and secure house removals, after all, who doesn’t want a worry-free move.

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