Running Shorts for Active Men

Your health is an asset that you cannot put enough value on. Therefore, any activity that you do to promote it should also be treated the same way. There are countless things that people do to maintain their health, but the most popular is running. Men have incorporated running into their lives as a fitness regimen and a basic need in many cases.

To make sure this experience is always comfortable, buying the right running shorts for men is necessary. We are sharing the key factors you should consider when purchasing a new pair of running shorts.

  1. Material

You can find a wide range of material options, but there are two basic types to choose from: synthetic and natural. The natural fabric typically used in making shorts is cotton, and while it provides good stretching, it can lead to chafing. It is also not that good in terms of managing moisture. Alternatively, synthetic materials like polyester not only allow you to absorb water and reduce chafing but also keep you cool and provide just as much stretch.

  1. Storage

Believe it or not, you need good storage even in your running shorts these days. Being connected all the time means we want to have our smartphones with us all the time, and an excellent deep pocket can be useful for that. Some shorts provide those as a separate layer so, you can keep your bag and maybe your wireless earbuds case. Some people may even use them to store snacks when going for a more extended session.

  1. Underwear lining

People usually fail to realize how important this feature can be for their shorts until they try it. This extra layer of fabric not only helps manage things better down there but also makes sure that you stay drier and do not get chafed. It also removes the need for using jockstraps which can be uncomfortable for some people. Using underwear separately would not appeal to you anymore once you try these.

  1. Length

Typically, men’s shorts are cut longer to provide sufficient coverage in the groin area and keep things comfortable. However, depending on the type of shorts you choose, this could vary a bit. Some can be shorter, like split shorts, or longer, like the traditional v-notch shorts. Then you also have compression shorts that go at least halfway to your knees. The length you choose would typically pre-decide the style you end up wearing as well, so make your decision accordingly.

  1. Visibility

It is a feature that may not be applicable for a lot of people but is still worth mentioning. Having reflective borders or stripes on your shorts can provide much greater visibility to people passing by you at night. Some people enjoy working out during nighttime or start super early in the morning, so this can be a useful addition if you pass through an area with traffic.

  1. Personal Comfort

Last but certainly not least is your comfort. You have no obligation to choose a pair of shorts simply based on their technical specifications. Everyone has a preference, and if yours tells you to go in a specific direction, it is recommended that you follow it. Your personal preferences play a huge role in your daily life, and they can also help you choose shorts that are best for your workouts.


There are a ton of options when it comes to short styles and the brands that sell them. However, to make sure you are only opting for the best, pick an option that considers all these factors for you.