RuneScape Gold Flipping Guide: Items Price Rises and Falls and Investments

This RuneScape guide will explore the recent price fluctuations in the game’s economy. We will focus on both price rises and falls, highlighting the most valuable trades and identifying potential money-making opportunities and investment options. We appreciate all the support from our readers and subscribers, so don’t forget to like and subscribe to our article. Let’s dive into the details!

Price Rises:
Slayer Wild Card
: The price of Slayer Wild Cards has risen from over 100k to 12k Runescape Gold. These items are expected to continue increasing in value and then eventually stabilize. Keep an eye on their price to determine if they are worth buying for the experience they provide.
Stone Spirits and Wood Spirits: These items are experiencing significant price fluctuations as their value is still being determined. They are in high demand due to their various uses, so expect their prices to continue changing until they settle.
Extreme Ranging Potions: With the upcoming Bonus XP Weekend, items related to necromancy and bonus XP will see price rises. The Extreme Ranging Potion, priced at 25k, is profitable for players looking to make herblore XP and profit simultaneously.
Super Strength Potions: Super Strength Potions, particularly the bracket 4 variants, can be a lucrative flipping opportunity. Check the margins and consider buying bracket 3 potions to upgrade them for a potentially substantial profit.
Overloads: As necromancy gains popularity, the demand for overloads will rise. Currently priced at over 110k GP, investing in overloads could be beneficial, especially with the upcoming necromancy content.
Har-Aken Dragon Bones: These bones, mainly obtained from the Rune Dragons, offer good Slayer XP and are currently priced at 124k GP. Consider them for a profitable Slayer task.
Astral Runes: Astral Runes are in high demand, priced at 1k GP each. With their value soaring, they present an opportunity for profit, particularly for players with a Lunar spellbook.
Super Antifire Potions: Gathering Phoenix Feathers and creating Super Antifire Potions can generate decent profits. Look into this method to capitalize on the demand for Super Antifires.
Mahogany Planks: After a recent dip in price, Mahogany Planks are now at 1.3k GP due to the announcement of the Bonus XP Weekend. Expect the price to increase further, though not necessarily reaching its previous peak.

Price Falls:
Cosmetic Overrides
: Various cosmetic overrides have seen a decline in price. They are not considered useful or rare, making them unattractive for investment.
Baby Dragon Bones: Baby Dragon Bones have recently experienced a decrease in price. This could be an opportune time to purchase them, especially for stockpiling before necromancy content.
Elder Logs: Elder Logs have begun to stabilize, currently priced at 6.5k GP. While further price drops are unlikely, they may remain at this level.
Oak Planks: Oak Planks are currently on a downward trend, offering an opportunity for players interested in construction experience to buy them at a lower cost.
Animal Furs: Animal Furs, particularly Animal Fur 4, have become cheaper and are good for Fletching. Consider stocking up while prices are low.

This RuneScape price guide has highlighted the game’s recent price rises and falls, providing players with insights into potential Gold-making opportunities and investment prospects. Keep an eye on the market, especially during the upcoming Bonus XP Weekend and the release of necromancy content. Remember to evaluate your margins and make informed decisions to maximize your profits.


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