Rug Cleaning: Choosing the Best Method of Cleaning for Your Carpets

Homeowners don’t realize that shampooing is not enough for cleaning their carpets and that they can have other rug cleaning options to choose from. Some cleaning methods involve subtle rug cleaning, while some are better for a tough stain, soil, and debris removal. 

It is crucial to ensure your home carpets, area rugs, and flooring materials in their best-looking appearance. Know the significant differences among the carpet cleaning methods and other tips that can keep your floor clean. If any of these tips prove to be tedious on your part, enlisting the services of professional rug cleaning in Boston can help you keep your carpets clean.

Carpet Cleaning Services

These are some of the standard carpet cleaning services that you can choose from:

Hot Water Extraction

Also known as steam cleaning, hot water extraction can remove up to 90% of dirt and bacteria on your carpet. This method uses hot water along with the high-pressure wand applied to carpet fibers. When combined, the hot water and pressure dissolve the dirt, dust, mud, and other debris from your carpet, thus allowing it to become easily extracted. 

This method is an excellent choice for those who are allergic or sensitive to detergent and shampoos. The steam kills bacteria, germs, dew, molds, and irritants. However, removing all traces of water is quite challenging. The carpet may not be ready yet for foot traffic several hours after cleaning. 

Carpet shampooing

Just like shampooing your hair, this method uses special detergents combined with lots of clean water. The rotating brushes allow the shampoo to scrub into the carpet, which can help in loosening dirt and other debris. Use clean water when extracting the shampoo until carpets are fresh and looking pristine.

With proper extraction, this method is effective for eliminating stubborn stains. However, sticky detergent residues can be left behind after doing this cleaning technique. The shampoo might trap and lock more dust and dirt along the carpet’s surface. That is why your rugs might still appear dirty very soon after shampooing. 

Dry cleaning

Like carpet shampooing, dry cleaning uses detergent or other cleaning solutions. This method only allows a small amount of water with a special powder ingredient. A rotating brush pushes the detergent into the fibers. The extraction tool then removes the trapped dirt and debris that comes along with the detergent.

Dry cleaning is preferred for offices and homes that immediately want their carpet to be dry.

Precaution must be observed in this method since the detergent and chemicals for this method might have a strong scent, so proper ventilation is essential. This carpet cleaning method is not a good option for people who have allergies or respiratory problems.

Bonnet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method uses a machine with a thick towel or bonnet over the front. The bonnet rubs the rug shampoo along the carpet’s surface. Once the trapped dirt and debris are on the carpet’s surface, these particles are extracted along with the shampoo that traps them. 

Bonnet cleaning might only remove the surface dirt from your carpets. Thus, consider using this technique if your carpets are not matted down and only need light carpet cleaning. It is affordable, fast, and can make your carpet rugs look good. 

Encapsulation cleaning

This method uses a specialty foam and applies it to the carpet. Once it begins to bubble and expand, the expanding foam traps the dirt and other debris and brings it to the carpet’s surface. After obtaining the dirt and debris into the carpet’s surface, steam extraction will follow by removing the foam and trapped dirt. 

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Ensure your home rugs’ safety and cleanliness. Rug cleaning Boston has carpet cleaning experts highly trained in removing tough stains and dirt from your carpet without even damaging them. 

If you decide on cleaning your rugs at home in the meantime, here are the cleaning mistakes that you should avoid:

  • Do not use too much pressure. Avoid using intense pressure when you are scrubbing or brushing your carpet. If you push a rotating brush into the carpet fiber, it can pull those fibers loose and makes your carpet threadbare or fuzzy.
  • Make sure to extract all traces of shampoo, detergent, or other cleaning solutions thoroughly. Improper extraction can leave residues that can stick and trap dirt against your carpet fibers. Thus taking time to remove the carpet cleaning chemicals properly is vital. 
  • Do not rush in cleaning your carpet. Also, use clean water with every steam application and allow first the steam to penetrate your carpet fibers. Make sure that you remove dirt and the cleaning detergent until the water from the carpet cleaner tank is already evident. 
  • Do not step or walk on the carpets while they are still damp. Doing so can only make your rugs worn out easily. 
  • Ensure proper ventilation, especially during and after shampooing or steam cleaning. It can help make the carpet dry and reduce the risk of having molds and mildew due to the trapped moisture. If you have a dehumidifier, you can remove excess water and eliminate any strong smell from your cleaning solutions.
  • Avoid using Harsh Shampoo and Detergent. Improperly using scrub brushes and using harsh shampoo and detergent can cause damage to your carpet fibers. Soil and other debris can as well flatten these fibers.

Tips in Keeping Your Carpets Clean in between Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning is still the best option for keeping your carpets clean and looking good as new. Rug cleaning Boston has highly trained experts in carpet cleaning that keep your carpets pristine. 

However, you also play a significant role in maintaining them after their regular cleaning. These are practical and straightforward tips that you can do to ensure your home rug’s best condition in between professional cleaning. 

  • Groom your pet’s nails and claws. Doing this step does not only keep your pet healthy. It also reduces the amount of dirt that they might track from your carpet and prevents pulling the carpet fibers and threads. Loosened carpet threads allow more trapped dirt and other debris. Trimming your pet’s nails can make your interior carpeting cleaner. 
  • Invest in an air purifier. An air purifier can trap and lock the airborne dust and dirt. With this, the debris cannot settle in your home rugs, keeping them cleaner. 
  • Clean and check your screen door and windows. Some people forget to clean their screen doors and windows. Through time, dirt and dust accumulate. Little do you know that the mesh of those screens has large openings that dirt coming from the outside environment can enter inside your home. To prevent this, you can invest in screens with smaller mesh and perform regular cleaning of your screens.
  • Regularly wash your home’s exterior. The dirt and other particles coming outside your home can build up and eventually become airborne. It can make its way inside and settle in your carpet’s fibers and even your flooring materials.
  • Regularly change your furnace filter. Change your furnace filter at least every year. If you cannot change it more often throughout the year, hire a professional home ductwork cleaner to clean. Dirt and dust can settle to your home ducts and get blown to your carpet. Old and clogged furnace filters cannot trap the airborne dust as they did before, thus allowing the debris to settle on your floor. 
  • Invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner. Do not assume that regular vacuuming will damage your carpets right away. Daily vacuuming removes dirt and dust that mats down your home carpet’s fibers causing extensive wear and tear. Investing in a good-quality vacuum cleaner will keep your carpets clean in between professional cleanings. Rug cleaning Boston can professionally and deeply clean your home carpets and area rugs. 
  • Use the Blotting Stain method if you want to clean your carpets by hand. If you’re going to clean your carpets by hand, blot a stain with a white rag with vinegar. The vinegar can dissolve many types of food, pet, and other stains. Thoroughly rinse the affected surface with another wet rag to remove all traces of stains.

Final Thought

In reality, no best carpet cleaning method will suit all of your carpet cleaning needs. The cleaning method is dependent on the type of rugs, a form of dirt, and stains. With the methods mentioned above, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each and decide on the right choice for your home.

Professional carpet cleaning services have experts in dealing with your cleaning dilemmas. Consulting them can help you big time. They can recommend the cleaning method that is most appropriate to use and what to expect from each of these methods. An educated customer is also a happy consumer. By learning the different cleaning techniques, you can save money, and eventually, you will get the result you desire. Don’t forget to contact your carpet cleaning expert. Rug cleaning Boston can help you with your cleaning dilemmas and provide you with high-quality products.


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