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Royalty Prints Review
Why Should You Get It?



Selling no-content or low-content books on Amazon is still a viable option for anyone, regardless of their background, to generate a steady online income. However, before venturing into this market, it is essential to invest time in research to determine current trends, customer preferences, and upcoming seasonal products.

Once you have conducted research on the niche, you can focus on creating and selling books that align with the market demands. However, this requires specific skills and tools that you must possess to succeed. It is indeed a lot of hard work, but there are no shortcuts to success.

I don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes that promise overnight success without putting in the necessary work. As mentioned, you need to be prepared to work hard. However, with the right guidance and effort, achieving your dream is certainly possible.

If you are looking for a solution to the challenges of starting and growing a KDP business, Royalty Prints could be the answer. It offers training and tools that not only educate you on the necessary skills but also assist with the design process.

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Royalty Prints is a free software toolkit and training program that enables beginners to create and sell mid-content books on platforms such as Amazon KDP for passive royalties. The strategy has garnered numerous positive reviews, as most users can easily comprehend the information and effectively utilize the online tools to produce their desired books. Furthermore, the mid-content market offers a multitude of sub-niches and languages, providing endless possibilities for users of this product.


Are you fed up with purchasing multiple methods and apps that fail to live up to their promises? With Royalty Prints, you won’t have to worry about any confusion during the process. The program provides all the necessary tools to identify lucrative mid-content niches, produce exceptional mid-content books, and acquire free traffic, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach.



  • Step-By-Step Video Training

It reveals every aspect of the mid-content business with step-by-step videos, and easy-to-follow written instructions.

  • Complete Free Traffic Training

You will learn the way to FREE quality buyer traffic that doesn’t require video creation, social media, or off-page SEO whatsoever!

  • Full Video Case Study

Inside, users are greeted by a case study showing one of the creator’s Mid-Content books, and it’s his daily passive sales.

  • Done-For-You Description Scripts

No need to fuss over SEO, Titles, Descriptions, and Pricing, within Royalty Prints, the entire business model will be fully handed over to you. You will also discover how easy it is to list and publish your Mid-Content book!!

  • Easy Book Cover W/ Template

Easily create book covers without design skills, that attract eyeballs and sales. These are simple and super easy to duplicate. Everything is revealed inside. Full Rights Included.


  • 1st Software – Easily Find Mid-Content Niches

Access a proven method plus software toolkit to find mid-content sub-niches that are easy to rank for, and perfect for passive sales. This alone has helped many newbies earn online passively for the first time.

  • 2nd Software – Create & Earn With Crossword Books

Within Royalty Prints, you will be shown how to easily put together and passively sell unique CROSSWORD BOOKS in a variety of niches. Full Rights Included!

  • 3rd Software – IMAGE SCALER

It allows you to turn any junky-looking coloring book illustration into a 300DPI masterpiece in seconds, this is an extremely powerful and useful tool!

  • 4th Software – Create & Earn With Coloring Books

Using it, you can easily put together and passively sell unique COLORING BOOKS in a variety of niches. Full Rights Included

  • 5th Software – Create & Earn With Word Search Books

Easily put together and passively sell unique WORD SEARCH BOOKS in a variety of niches. Full Rights Included! ($237 VALUE)

  • 6th Software – Create & Earn With Sudoku Puzzle Books

Increase your Amazon royalties with fun SUDOKU PUZZLE BOOKS in a variety of niches. Full Rights Included!

  • 7th SOFTWARE: Create & Earn With Maze Books

Maze books are hot and also in high demand. Don’t ignore this kind of book to explode your sales!



There are a couple of compelling reasons why I highly recommend Royalty Prints.

Firstly, Royalty Prints offers a variety of mid-content book types that are based on current online sales trends. As Amazon is a vast marketplace, many authors struggle to find profitable niches. Royalty Prints provides a great starting point for anyone looking to make money in this space.

Secondly, unlike other programs that provide general training, Royalty Prints offers seven specific tools to help you quickly create high-quality books, even if you have no previous design experience. This means that you won’t have to spend money on third-party software to create book content, covers, or descriptions. This is a major advantage, as many authors spend money on these resources before they’ve even started making profits online. Thanks to Royalty Prints, you can avoid these financial burdens.

Lastly, you should check out what other people are saying about their experience and results after using the Royalty Prints method.

folks earn with printables

folks earn with printables


folks earn with printables

folks earn with printables


With the step-by-step guide and useful tool provided by Royalty Prints, many people have been able to get started with no prior experience and achieve success. So, why not give it a try?



For just $37, you can gain access to the secrets of creating and profiting from mid-content books. This price is unbeatable considering that purchasing the training and tools separately would easily cost over $97 for the course and $27 per month for each tool.

Here’s a recap of what you’ll receive in this proven system:


With Royalty Prints, not only can you save costs, but you can also take advantage of the huge opportunities to increase your income with low-content books. The beauty of this business model is that you only need to create one book and keep earning from it, with no limit on the number of copies sold.

While it does require effort, the potential rewards are well worth it. Don’t wait any longer and click the button below to take advantage of the early bird discount. Once the launch period is over, the price of Royalty Prints will double.


OTO 1: AI Book Ads ($47)

Triple your royalties & earnings with A.I. Book Ads. You can get access and learn how to triple your mid-content book sales online using extremely cheap ads and Amazon’s A.I. AD system.

You will learn how to set up cheap ad campaigns, target the right audience, and use Amazon’s A.I. to optimize your ads for maximum results.

The course also includes tips for tracking and scaling your campaigns. By the end of the course, you will be able to effectively use cheap Amazon ads to increase book sales.

OTO 2: Children’s Book Royalty Academy ($77)

Get access and learn how to earn money online passively by creating and selling children’s books through print-on-demand platforms and free buyer traffic.

No writing or drawing skills are required.

You will learn how to research and use print-on-demand platforms, come up with book ideas, and promote your books through free traffic sources.

The course provides guidance for building and scaling a successful children’s book business.

Conclusion & My Extra Bonuses For You

Thank you for taking the time to read my review of Royalty Prints! By purchasing this program, you will receive a complete package that includes software, training, templates, and more. Other programs might try to sell these components separately, but with Royalty Prints, you’ll get everything you need for a single one-time price.

With Royalty Prints, you can start creating assets that produce passive income for you both now and in the future. Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this offer, and make sure you check out the special bonuses that I’m offering to help you succeed with your KDP business.

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