Rooting Hormones Types [All Types Of Root Hormones For Your Plants]

Root Growth Hormones are the need for every garden. We can’t even imagine a healthy garden without the rooting hormones nowadays. Because of the lack of necessary elements and slow growth of cutting we use rooting hormones. Be it for hobby or you do gardening for commercial purpose rooting hormones supports and care our garden.

If we try to make a clone through the cutting of the plants then the cutting rate would be too much lower. This is the reason that we use these products. Nobody wants their plants to become weaker and unhealthy. If we talk about commercial gardening the importance of the rooting hormones becomes more valuable.

If we don’t use the food supplement in commercial gardening then the low cutting rate of the plant would give economic loss to Gardner. The plant food supplement does not only help to give a good cutting rate but also useful for rapid and healthy growth.

There are also many types of food supplement hormones available in the market. Each form of the organic food supplement has its own strengths and properties. In commercial use, people use several types of rooting hormones according to the need of the plants. In this article, I will tell you 4 different types of food supplements.

Liquid Rooting Hormone

of the liquid form of the plant, hormones are more effective as compared to other supplements. It is used just before the propagation. Many gardeners consider the liquid form of plant supplements the best supplement, on the other hand, some people prefer powder organic supplement.

Liquid growth supplement is used just before placing the clipping into the soil. The liquid form helps the clipping by absorbs in every portion of the clipping and provide the maximum benefit to the plants.

Powder Rooting Hormones

The powder form of plant food supplements is one of the most popular and commonly used plant’s food supplements. The powder form of growth hormones is useful for all sorts of cutting. We use powder rooting hormones to accelerate the quality and growth of the plants and cutting. It is so easy to mix powder food supplement with the mud.

People are using powder hormones for a long long time and it gives a better result. However, nowadays some new varieties of plants and cutting are available which needs some customization that is why some other forms of hormones are being used.

Gel Rooting Hormones

Gel-based plant supplement is popular for its easy to use procedure and effective result. In flower gardening, people use gel-based plant food supplements so that the plants cutting rate could go higher. The hormones available in the gel hormones give rapid growth and healthy life to the plant because its hormones are in gel form. The gel form of the supplement also prevents unwanted bugs that destroy the plant this is the reason gardeners prefer this supplement as well.

Natural Rooting Hormones

You do not need to use any chemical-based rooting hormones because you have the option of natural food supplements. But you can use natural food supplements only in home gardening, not in a commercial way. There plenty of natural rooting hormones available like honey, vinegar, aloe vera gel, and willow tea, etc.

The natural remedies have antiseptic and anti-fungal properties which help in growth and also prevents bugs. If you have a little garden on your roof or in-room the natural food supplement is the best option for you. Using natural supplements may result in slow growth but the cutting will thrive in natural accurate proportion.


Now we can see that there are many options to fulfill the requirement of the food supplements. Not only chemical-based hormones but we also have the option to use natural rooting hormones. If you are professionally doing gardening then you should use chemical-based rooting hormones because of good cutting rates.

On the other hand, if you just love adopting plants into the home then you can go for natural food supplements. We did not tell you the way to use natural rooting hormones because there are various methods with a single product. Our purpose here is just to let you know about the forms of plant rooting supplements.

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