Roof Restoration – 7 Steps you must know

We all love our houses neat, from the outside, and the inside as well. The roof is ultimately one of those areas that loudly shout the condition of the house. A well-maintained roof is not only attractive but also serves to protect residents from adverse weather conditions. Check out roof restoration steps here.

Over a long period of time, the roof gets beaten and dilapidates from long exposure to rain and sun and other environmental effects. When this happens, property owners lookout for ways to bring back a shiny look on the roof. If this is done in the right way, the roof will not only last longer but also add value to your property. In the discussion that follows, we look at a few ways in which you can restore your roof.


Roof Assessment

The work demanded on your roof depends primarily on the level of dilapidation it has undergone. Other elements such as the design of your roof will also play a part in determining the nature of work to be done on it.

Start with assessing the damage. Look out for broken tiles, or metal sheets that may allow leakage, broken rafters, or other supporting material underneath your roof. Whereas some damage may be visible from a distance, others can only be assessed if you are close enough, most preferably at the top. This kind of assessment requires that you or your contractor takes a walk through the roof. However, signs such as leakage can still point you to areas that need quick intervention if you don’t plan to overhaul the roof.


Once you assess your roof, you have to determine who does the repair works for you. Some people use acquired skills and use DIY methods to get the work done. The majority of people, however, prefer the services of roofing experts such as Roof & Render SA to get the work done. This being in an element of experience and a way around challenges.

The contracting process primarily depends on the extent of the renovations needed. If you land on the contractor who initially installed the roof, well and good. If you can’t get hold of them, consider other contractors within your area. Check out their portfolio, previous works, and possibly refer to actual works they have undertaken previously.


Safety Measures

The roof is not your ordinary space to handle and requires special techniques, some level of experience, and/or expertise to get the work done. Safety is key to the success of the renovation works. Consider all the risk factors and assemble the necessary tools and equipment. These include safety clothing such as shoes, gloves, and so on.

You will certainly need a ladder to get the work done. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your roofing renovations are smooth.



Cleaning your roof before embarking on renovations helps to remove dirt that has accumulated through the years. Grime and debris will deny you an opportunity to see the extent of the damage until you clear it up. A high-pressure hose is a good way to start. Clearly mark points where seepage is noticed during the cleaning process to act on them when renovating.


Actual Works

Having put in place the right measures, let the actual work begin. With the expertise of a roofing professional, you are able to execute what you envision for your roof. Roof repair is an extensive and demanding job that demands a lot of precaution. However, a qualified renovation agent can make the work easier for you.


Treatment Coating

Roofing professionals advise that the roof be coated with a protective layer of the coating once the work is completed. This gives your roof higher chances of lasting longer. It is also time and money-saving as you take long before another maintenance schedule takes place.


Final Assessment

It is very important to carry out an assessment of the work done. This should be part of your contractual agreement with the renovation agent before payment is processed. This step allows you to do an evaluation of the work and determine whether it is satisfactory.



A good roof job will leave you very satisfied and your house looking good. However, this should be a process where every step is done systematically. Follow the steps outlined above and you will enjoy the end results.


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