Things to be Examined During a Roof Inspection Service

Your roof can have many issues that can be detected during a proper roof inspection. These problems include damaged shingles, loss of granules, blockage in the gutter system, and water leakage into the ceiling. If you want to determine which of the issues mentioned above is causing roof damage, you have to hire a roof inspection service immediately.

What Things Examined in Roof Inspection Service?

Besides detecting problems in the roof, the inspection service has other benefits. These are the detection of roof damage, claiming insurance is easy, the initial step towards replacing the roof, everyone is safe, and the homeowner is satisfied. When you hire companies for inspection, the inspectors will inspect the following parts of the roof.

Ventilation in the Attic

The house needs to breathe; so that the moisture that develops dry up. The ventilation system in the attic has to be inspected to make sure that the hot and cold air leaves. Proper ventilation improves the air quality and increases the life of the roof.

Visible Damages

Holes in the roof will allow water to seep into the ceiling, thus causing water patches to become visible if the color of these patches becomes darker. The inspection team looks into the layers and repair or replace the roof in the same way.

Check Roof Decking 

Decking is the space between two layers of roof. When the inspection team from companies like Melo’s Construction indicates that the decking has become soft and spongy, then this means that it is going from bad to worse.

Inspection of Vents on the Roof

Vents on the roof are a way to release the stale air from the house. The roof inspectors will make sure that these openings are not blocked by debris, dirt, or nest made by birds and insects. Also, they should not be damaged as air might get in through these vents.

Detecting Damage to the Shingles

Shingles can be considered as the top layer of the roof that adds extra protection to the house. Missing, wrapped, and broken shingles are dangerous for the roof. So the residential roofing service companies examine the shingles when they are inspecting.

Any Visible Damage to the Roof

When the weather conditions become extreme, like strong winds, heavy rain, and hail, then it is expected that the roof will be damaged. Anything can penetrate through the roof, including flying debris, hails, and even trees. The inspection team examines the whole roof structure for any signs of visible damages.

Analyzing the Chimney and Roof Flashing

A chimney is the largest opening on the roof, allowing smoke to escape but keeping the house warm. The chimney structure has to be analyzed because the blockage will often trap the smoke inside, decreasing the quality of air.

Checking the Gutter System

One of the main reasons water gathers on the roof is that the gutter system is blocked by debris. Also, damage to the pipe will allow water to seep into the foundation of the house. This will damage the roof as well as the foundation. So, during a roof inspection service, the gutter system is inspected thoroughly.

These are the parts of a roof that the inspector or his team will look at. The homeowner needs to know what parts will examine.