Ronald Stein: A True Energy Agnostic

The world nowadays must understand that renewable energy is only intermittent electricity generated from unreliable breezes and sunshine.

From the versatility of products discovered from petroleum derivatives manufactured from crude oil and the beginning of manufacturing of airplanes, cars, trucks, and military equipment, the world has had around 200 years to develop generics or clones so that crude oil derivatives can be replaced.

Wind turbines and solar panels cannot manufacture any of the oil derivatives for products the fuels for the various transportation infrastructures. Energy literacy can topple the beliefs of many people. It can provide a broader aspect of the interlink between energy and life. It enables a person to better understand how the world has evolved from the dark decarbonized ages when there were no transportation systems, electricity, or thousands of other products made from petroleum derivatives. It also makes people believe that the cost of electricity can seriously impact everything, from the food we eat, the houses we live in, to the clothes we wear and the healthcare we use.

Our materialistic society’s needs are most likely going to continue to increase. They will continue relying on uninterruptible, reliable, and continuous electricity from natural gas, coal, or nuclear power generation backup. The current global focus of the wealthy and healthy countries must be on reducing emissions and being ethically, morally, and socially responsible instead of supporting environmental degradation and human abuses in the foreign countries mining for metals and exotic minerals to support the world’s passion for intermittent electricity generated from solar and wind and the construction of batteries for EV vehicles.

Ronald Stein, born on April 29, 1941, has contributed remarkably to Energy Literacy. He is the Founder of PTS Advance, drawing upon decades of project management and business development experience. Ronald is also an internationally published columnist, energy consultant, and Pulitzer Prize-nominated author. He writes more often about the aspects of economics and energy and is a Policy Advisor on energy literacy for The Heartland Institute and The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

Stein is the co-author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy” and an internationally published columnist of Op-Ed articles which completely focus on energy literacy. He has also co-author ed “Energy Made Essay” and “Just GREEN Electricity” with Todd Royal. In his books, he has talked about how wealthy countries are demanding to move from coal, oil, and natural gas usage to something that is not abusive to the environment. He has also debated how the so-called “green electricity” technologies are still not an effective substitute for the fossil fuel products and fuels that contributed to the world populating from one to eight billion in less than two hundred years.

The main aspect of Ron’s publications is spreading awareness among the public about energy-related subjects to increase their energy literacy. Being an energy agnostic, he tries to engage people in conversations about intermittent electricity from renewables and fossil fuels  collectively support lifestyles and economies worldwide. 

Stein’s Fireside Chats aim to impart knowledge about energy through interactive conversations from kindergarten students all the way up to high school and across all subject areas. He has contributed enough to help students all around the world understand what is at stake and how they can become agents of change. He has worked hard to empower many people with concepts and logic to articulate visions of sustainable and fair futures. Many people can now discuss the hidden and detrimental consequences of today’s green electricity policies due to his assistance.

Stein has become the private business spokesperson in the energy and infrastructure industries for the past decade. Through his hundreds of published Op-Ed articles, he has educated many citizens and made them understand why electricity, fuels and other products manufactured from crude oil are the basis of the primary infrastructures that truly drive the entire world’s economies. Stein was also officially recognized at the recent Western State Petroleum Association (WSPA) Annual Conference, where he was presented with the “President’s Award for his Tireless Efforts Protecting and Promoting a Vibrant Oil and Gas Industry in the West.”

Stein is a true inspiration for anyone who thinks that small efforts to enhance the public’s energy literacy don’t make an impact. His story is a narration that every small thing we do eventually creates the biggest storm!

Nancy Yates

Nancy Yates is a trend researcher by passion, a digital marketing expert, and a professional business and tech blogger. As a tech knowledge, Nancy Yates eagerly looks for the ins and outs of modern tech growths.