Rome Street Food Tour With Local Guide

Are you a foodie like me?

Then I hope my experience will entertain as well as help you while exploring Roman cuisine.

Recently went to Rome just to chill on vacation. I visited the popular Colosseum and beautiful Vatican City.

The best thing which I discovered over there was authentic Roman cuisine.

The basic ingredient in this type of cuisine is from Roman Campagna. It consists of peas, fava beans, globe artichokes, shellfish, goat, milk-fed lamb, and cheeses. For dressing of raw vegetables, Olive oil is used.

So I tried some restaurants randomly but got confused in the market. I wanted to go for must-try food items but the time was limited and I was completely unaware about it. Then I got to know about food tours and booked a seat on Monti Food Tour official website.

The event was of around 2 to 3 hours in which I was able to taste various dishes from many different restaurants and food corners. It was an amazing Rome Street Food Tour with Local Guide. The guide delivered all the information related to the origin of the food.

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Things you should know before participating in a food tour

The best part which I found in this food tour was that I was able to taste local delicacies and got to know more about the culture. But according to my observation, I would like to share a few things which you should keep in mind before participating in any food tour.

  • Inform about allergies and food preferences

Inform about allergies related to food to the organizer beforehand so that he can inform about the same to the guide or make some changes in the tour accordingly. If you are vegan or vegetarian then let the organizer know that fact in advance so that they can review the tour and plan the things according to your preference. Otherwise, there are chances that you won’t be able to taste much dishes on the tour and feel that the tour wasn’t worthy.

  • Eat less

In food tour, you would get the opportunity to eat many dishes. Eating less will help you taste all the dishes on the tour and walk comfortably. Or you will end up overeating and feel difficulty in walking for some time.

  • Wear comfortable attire

You should wear something in which you are comfortable in walking. Anything which tightens at waist or stomach like belts or body fitted dress should be avoided completely. These will make you feel uncomfortable after eating so many dishes.

  • Know before you eat

Before eating anything, let the guide share information about the dishes and its ingredients. There is a chance that the dish contains an ingredient which should be avoided by you. So at first know all the ingredients and then eat it.

 List of the must-try Roman street food

Rome Street Food Tour with Local guide can be really fun as you get to explore street food with a guide sharing history of the dish as well as historic monument nearby. Also, you don’t have to wait for long to get the food served. The most popular dishes which I found delicious are listed below:

  • Suppli 

These are deep-fried rice croquettes and are available in various flavors. You get vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. 

  • Carciofi Alla Giudia

You get to eat Artichokes which are flattened and then deep-fried. This is a very amazing delicacy for vegetarians.

  • Trapizzino

It is a dish which comprises of pizza dough in a triangular pocket that is filled with a stuffing and Salsa Verde. This stuffing can be made up of meatballs, baked eggplant with Caciocavallo cheese, and many more.

  • Pinza

It is similar to Pizza; the difference get to see is the shape and ingredients used in the dough. The dough for Pinza is prepared from Soya, Wheat, and Rice flours. It contains 75% more hydration in the dough which makes it a healthier choice over Pizza.

  • Porchetta

It is a Roman dish prepared from pork. The pig is stuffed with garlic, fennel, & rosemary and roasted as complete. A piece of this juicy meat is served with a bun.

This was all about my street food tour in Rome. In the end, I got to taste many delicious dishes and got to know the recipe from the chef. The guide shared information about the evolution of the dish, historic stories, and origin of the food.

If you also want to give pleasures to your taste buds and stomach then Rome Street Food Tour with Local guide is a must for you. I will suggest you contact Monti food Tour as they are the most trusted in Italy for organizing food tours. They organize food tours with different themes and you can choose according to choice and time.