Rome Segway Sightseeing Tour

Rome, Italy’s capital city, is such an amazing place to visit, and there is so much to do. It’s known for its stunning architecture, with the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain as the main attractions. Getting round to all the best attractions can be hard, especially when they’re scattered throughout the city. Never fear! Segway tours can solve that problem! 

Segways are a great and fun way to explore all the best attractions Rome has to offer. Segway tours are traditional sightseeing tours with a twist. The fact that they move a lot faster than your legs is why it’s the best way to sightsee, as you’ll cover more area so much quicker.

There are a variety of different tours you can do depending on what you want to see. There are night tours where you roam around Rome with it all beautifully lit up, there are short tours, and there are even Segway tours that allow you to explore the whole city with a full-day tour. Instead of getting lost wandering through Rome’s network of streets, optimise your time and sightsee the city on Segway. It’s easy, comfortable, entertaining, and allows you to take in both the famous tourist destinations and the best-kept secrets of Rome.

Whatever tour you decide to do, you cannot miss out on seeing the main and most famous attractions of Rome – the Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and Colosseum. Ride down the ancient cobbled streets and witness these amazing sights for yourself! Your knowledgeable tour guide will tell you the secrets of Rome as you go to each of Rome’s wonders. Learn about the notorious history of Ancient Rome, and witness the relics of its extraordinary architecture.

Tip – the tours are less busy at certain times of the day, so it’s best to take the tour when it’s quiet. If you’re lucky enough to be the only ones on the tour, your tour guide will let you stop off wherever you want on the way, even to get food and gelato!

Spanish Steps

First up on the Segway tour is the Spanish Steps, with the Piazza di Spagna at the bottom and Piazza Trinità dei Monti at the top of the stairs. The Spanish Steps are a monumental staircase of 135 steps, and is the widest staircase in Europe. 

It is a beautiful and spacious place to soak up the atmosphere of Roman history, relax, and people watching. Climbing to the top of the staircase will give you a beautiful overview of Rome. Definitely a great start to the Segway tour!


Next up on the Segway tour is the Pantheon – a Roman temple dedicated to all the gods of pagan Rome. As one of the oldest and most recognised monuments in all of Italy, this amazing ancient site is a must-see destination on any trip to Rome!

The Pantheon is the most preserved and influential building in ancient Rome. It was built between 126-128 A.D, as the stamped brick on the side of the building reveals. It is a true architectural wonder!

Trevi Fountain

Ride down narrow lanes and cobbled streets of Rome to the next attraction on the Segway tour, the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is the largest, most beautiful fountain in Rome, and one of the most famous fountains in the world – definitely a must-see for first-time visitors. 

Tourists often visit the Trevi Fountain to take part in the ritual count toss – a tradition in Rome where visitors toss coins into the fountain for good luck. A proper Trevi coin toss is done using your right hand to throw the coin over your left shoulder. 

According to the legend of Rome’s most famous fountain, there are three reasons for tossing coins into the Trevi. Tossing one coin is said to bring you back to Rome again. A second coin promises you’ll find love. A third is supposed to guarantee marriage.


Zoom down the long stretched road in your ‘chariot’ to the last, but not least attraction on your Segway tour – the Colosseum! Being the epic and iconic symbol of Rome, the Colosseum is for sure worth visiting! Saving the best till last is the perfect way to end your Segway tour!

The Colosseum is an over amphitheatre in the centre of the city of Rome, and is one of the most recognised landmarks in the world! It is the largest ancient amphitheatre ever built, and despite its age, is still the largest standing amphitheatre in the world today. The Colosseum stands today as a symbol of the power, genius, and brutality of the Roman Empire.

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