Role of Carbon Filters in Air and Water Purification

As the world is developing, so is our fear regarding the air we breathe and the water we drink. There’s no denying that air and water quality around us is slowly degrading, and that’s where carbon filtration comes in. The main purpose of carbon filters is to remove harmful chemicals and cancer causing substances found in air and water. So, below are some points to elaborately discuss why these filters are important for air and water purification.

carbon filters
Carbon Filters

Chemical Compounds in Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon is highly effective for the purpose of air and water purification. It is basically carbon after being mixed with oxygen. Carbon has an adsorbing nature that can let different impurities, including non polar organic chemicals, to bind with the molecules. In that way, activated carbon filters can quickly get rid of unwanted non-polar organic chemicals present in water and the environment. Even in case of waste streams, activated carbon molecules are used for removal of organic contaminants and colored waste. The cleansing properties of such molecular compounds play a significant role in making these filters the right choice.

Tap Water Filtration

The presence of bad impurities and chemicals in water is inevitable, and tap water is no different. Filtering tap water with carbon is a widely used technique for water purification. One of the best things about these filters is that they only remove harmful substances from the water without disturbing the beneficial substances from it. The carbon itself has the ability to recognize poison and other volatile organic compounds. By installing a carbon filter for your tap water, it reduces the risks of people getting sick from drinking water from the tap.

Deodorizing Air and Water

For the purpose air purifying, activated carbon is added into air conditioner filters in order to remove gaseous pollutants and humidity. Such gaseous pollutants are mainly formed from smoking or combustion from vehicles or cooking on a gas stove. Activated carbon in air condition filters is also responsible for abolishing the unpleasant smells like pet and cooking odors. One of the primary objectives of activated carbon filters is to eliminate the harmful odors and chemicals which add carbon to the water. Just like carbonated air purifiers, carbon water filters are also useful in removing pungent smell and organic gases such as hydrogen sulphide. These kinds of filters are widely applied in industrial and commercial sectors for deodorization. They are highly effective in improving taste of water, as it can eliminate the aftertaste caused by chlorine, algae blooms and more.

Coconut Carbon for Health

The application of coconut carbon in carbon filters is known for its ability to pull the toxins out from both air and water. The usage of activated coconut carbon makes the water cleaner, as it is useful for the removal of metal and chemical particles. The air purifiers contain activated coconut charcoal that has millions of tiny pores working together to act like a big sponge. So, when air passes through those pores, bad odors, bacteria and allergens get trapped into the surface, thus make the air pure.

Kidneys are the filters of our body and activated coconut carbon is very helpful for individuals who suffer from kidney problems. Along with kidneys, coconut carbon has been proven to be useful in reducing excess gas from our bodies as well.

carbon filters
Carbon Filters

Affordable and Easy Maintenance

As compared to other types of air and water filtration systems, carbon filters do not require much significant investment. They are relatively affordable, as the cost of manufacturing is very low, so that the customer can benefit from those savings. As far as maintenance is concerned, these filters need to be replaced when the charcoal is worn out. However, it is quite easy to find the replacement parts, as they are widely available and affordable. Hence, this makes it convenient for you to swap and replace them whenever needed.


Today, activate carbon can be found in every water filtration and air purification system and for the right reasons that are listed above. Since us humans cannot live without both water and air, we need carbon filters to breathe and drink well.