Roku Com Link Introduces A Tsunami Of Freebies In Entertainment Category

Buying a new Roku com Link for your comprehensive entertainment sounds fascinating. I bet you might have nodded in affirmative, but there is something more to add to your excitement. has been bundled up with a lot of free trials and offers available on its entertainment package. You can call PhoneTechAid to assist you with the Roku Com Link set-up and installation. They have the expertise and spontaneous service support to help you ultimately in your set-up and installation requirements.

But there’s more than the set-up and installation problems that need careful mention to raise awareness because Roku has a lot of freebies for entertainment enthusiasts. So, brace yourself and find out as an audience in the US, Canada, and the UK what Roku Com Link brings for your entertainment appetite.

For the US
If you were too addicted to Hulu and Netflix, maybe it is time to see that not everything is entertaining costs you a dollar & dime. The new Roku Com Link subscription comes with a straight two months trial period where you get to access your free shows on your TV. When you compare the same with its counterparts Netflix, Amazon Prime, Daily Prime, and Smithsonian Earth, you get a monetary waiver for the first month of subscription. That’s generous nevertheless but not as plentiful as Roku, where you get almost two months of interrupted free supply of your best sitcoms.

For the UK
European Union will have a blast, especially the UK, where you get a lot of free access to your favorite movies after buying and setting up the Roku com link. After purchasing the Roku plug-in, enjoy the free 3 HD movie gift card and redeem the same to watch your favorite movies online for free. All you need is just an active internet connection with high-speed data sharing a 4kHD TV for that ultimate entertainment. Brace yourself for the movie fest this weekend after your school and work after the Roku com Link purchase. In case, if you face difficulty in installing and setting up the Roku Com Link, call tech support, and they will be eager to help you set it up for unhindered theater-like experience at home.

For Canada
Canadians shouldn’t be too far behind in the entertainment fest as the Roku com link has special privileges for its audience in the Americas. Like the UK, even in Canada, the movie fest just got better for the Roku Com Link buyers with special offers given from CinemaNow. The 3D Hd movie rentals for free in the first two months of post-purchase of Roku Com Link pack will unravel multiple entertainment options that are yet to be explored. Just set up the device, and you will get a special one month free Netflix trial, one month free Love Nature trial. Switch from one service provider to another and get an unlimited healthy dose of entertainment on your fingertips.