Roku device activation using Roku com link

It’s easy to activate Roku using Roku com link. Read and understand the manual to get an idea. Check if these manuals are available  with the  device package

Check if you have the requirements for Roku com link activation. If not proceed to collect the requisites

  • Roku activation code
  • Activation page,
  • Secure and active internet connection. Often wireless can provide better output
  • Hardware requirements- Power and HDMI cable
  • Compatible device software
  • Roku setup and troubleshooting manual

Connect the hardware

  • Use the premium HDMI cable
  • Find the slot to connect the cable
  • If its power cable, connect one end to the device and another end to the adaptor
  • Also do not use the wrong port to connect the cable

Connect the device to the network

  • Select the option, wireless
  • Wait for the prompt to enter the username, password
  • The green check mark indicates the connected status
  • You can begin the troubleshooting if the check mark is red

Create my Roku account 

  • Roku account creation is easy if you visit the page,
  • Provide the  required data
  • Tap on the submit or the connect tab
  • Wait, and the Roku account creation process will complete
  • In addition, check the validity of the account using the page,

Link your device using

  • Sign in and move to the player section
  • Then find the Roku com link enter code
  • Open the page,
  • Provide the activation code
  • Suggest you to wait until the process complete

Select and add your favorite channel

  • To start with, move to the Roku channel store
  • Use the streaming channel tab on your device
  • Find the search tab
  • Then type the channel name
  • Finally wait for the search results to appear


  • Check the page,
  • Also,verify the activation code
  • Cross-check the speed of the network
  • Similarly ,reset the device

Now for Roku device activation, use the support number +1-844-581-4357 .You can refer the website Roku com link for further updates