Roisea Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features


Roisea is a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies, tokens, and fiat. Compared to other solutions, it is simpler and more understandable, focusing on trading cryptocurrencies. So let’s cover it in more detail. 

Roisea Features

Roisea offers users the following features:

  • Multiplatform. Cryptocurrency exchange can be used through the website, desktop application, mobile application, or API.
  • Margin trading is available with leverage up to 125x, which allows you to maximize your profits.
  • It is possible to take profits with the help of hedging.
  • Simple hedging and arbitrage with many cycles.
  • Deposits and other instruments for receiving passive profit.

The Roisea platform is currently used by residents of more than 100 countries worldwide.


The Roisea platform is available both in the browser and as downloadable desktop software. Since marketplaces are relatively heavy due to the abundance of features and the need to display everything in real-time, downloadable software takes on most of the load. Users also note that Roisea is more demanding on resources than other popular crypto exchanges.

The platform’s layout is well designed, partly reminiscent of traditional financial markets trading platforms. Also, anyone with trading experience will appreciate the set of informative charts developed by Roisea parent company.

Trading on Roisea 

The Roisea exchange offers standard trading in cryptocurrencies and futures (derivatives). The number of cryptocurrencies and tokens is measured in hundreds. New ones are added regularly.

The platform also provides margin trading with a maximum leverage of 125:1. Among the additional functions of the exchange, one can also note algorithmic trading tools that simplify the trading process.


Spot market

For a maker, the commission ranges from -0.01% to 0.08%, and for a taker – from 0.025 to 0.1% – depending on the level determined by trading volumes and the number of funds on balance. These are fairly low trading fees in this market segment.

Futures market

For a maker, from -0.01% to 0.02%, and for a taker – from 0.02 to 0.05%

Withdrawal and deposit

Withdrawal fees are fixed amounts and depend on the specific cryptocurrency. There are no deposit fees.


Users welcome the shift in focus of the exchange towards decentralized finance, particularly the convenient MetaX wallet with support for several blockchains. The exchange is also called one of the best trading platforms and a worthy alternative to Binance.

Like those of other exchanges, negative reviews are because someone was unable to withdraw their money or did not receive it when buying from a card. Such reviews are difficult to evaluate. Often users themselves do not know certain rules, or there are technical delays that are resolved through technical support.


  • Dynamic market development provides good liquidity. Large selection of available cryptocurrencies.
  • Good capitalization with investor support. 
  • Low commissions.
  • A wide range of trading options for professionals, such as futures.
  • Support for buying with fiat.
  • The possibility of trading with leverage.


  • Mixed reviews about customer service competence.


What types of trading does the Roisea exchange offer?

Spot, futures, margin, p2p.

What are the commissions for traders?

Maximum commission on the spot market: 0.08% for the maker and 0.1% for the taker. It is lowered with tokens or by increasing trading volumes.

How many cryptocurrencies does Roisea support?

Over 350.

Can I buy cryptocurrency with a card?


How else can I deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency?

It is convenient to do this through a p2p service.

How many years has Roiseabeen in business?

It was founded in 2018.

What passive income options does the site offer?

Staking deposits, double investments, high-interest flash deposits.


Roisea is showing itself as a well-designed cryptocurrency exchange with some ambitions for further development. Experienced traders often find it difficult to find an exchange that offers many trading opportunities and formats similar to traditional markets. Roisea is one of those exchanges. Low commissions, a comfortable interface, active development, and the development of new important areas are additional advantages that make the site popular among traders.