Rodrigo Kirchner – Delving Deep into the Tourism Industry

Tourism has grown and diversified significantly over the decades to become one of the world’s fastest-growing economic sectors. Modern tourism is inextricably linked to development and includes an increasing number of new destinations. It has become a key driver of socioeconomic progress of a country as a result of its progressing dynamics.

Tourism’s business volume now equals or exceeds that of oil exports, food products, and automobiles. It has emerged as a major player in international trade, as well as one of the primary sources of income for many developing countries. This expansion is accompanied by increased diversification and competition among destinations. Globally, 1.5 billion international tourist arrivals were recorded in 2019, and a 4% increase in 2020, confirms tourism as a leading and resilient economic sector. By the same token, such growth must be managed responsibly to fully capitalize on the opportunities that tourism can provide for communities worldwide.

In 2019, the Middle East was the fastest-growing region for international tourism arrivals, growing at nearly double the global average (+8%). Growth in Asia and the Pacific slowed but remained above average, with international arrivals increasing by 5%. Europe continues to lead in terms of international arrivals, welcoming 743 million international tourists last year (51% of the global market), despite slower growth than in previous years (+4%). America with (+2%) showed a mixed picture, with many Caribbean Island destinations consolidating their recovery from the 2017 hurricanes, while arrivals in South America fell due to ongoing social and political turmoil.

Given tourism’s position as a top export sector and job creator, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) advocates for its responsible growth. As the Decade of Action began, tourism reserved a place at the heart of global development policies, as well as the opportunity to gain further political recognition and make a real impact, with only 7 years to fulfill the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Witnessing its growing impact, many individuals began to enter the fold of the tourism industry and found their career insight. Similar is an individual named Rodrigo Kirchner.

Born on June 4, 1983, Rodrigo Afonso Kirchner is a businessman and tourism expert from Brazil. He is also the founder of On My Way to Bali, a cultural tour company based in Bali and Brazil. Kirchner has always been an active guide in the tourism industry such that he has assisted thousands of Brazilians in traveling to Indonesia over the years.

Kirchner has been in the tourism industry for over 12 years and is currently enrolled in a tourism management course at the University of Cruzeiro do Sul. He also works on different cruise ships for companies such as MSC and Costa Crociere, as well as large hotel chains such as Pestana.

Following his interest, Kirchner founded On My Way to Bali in 2015. The company is dedicated to providing travelers with tours and trips throughout Bali. Till now, he has assisted over 10,000 travelers in planning trips to the island and Indonesia as a specialist travel designer. He founded this company to assist other travelers in traveling to Indonesia without fear of being scammed. Kirchner worked in the hotel industry prior to founding the company and he currently resides in Brazil with his wife, Ni Wayan Suartini.

It is Kirchner’s continuous hard work that made On My Way to Bali a leading provider of travel arrangements between Bali and Brazil. They assist both amateurs and professionals in planning a pleasant trip to Bali. With years of travel experience, its staff is proud to have been a part of so many travel dreams and wonders. On My Way to Bali is a comprehensive travel exploration for explorers inspired by the beauty of Bali and Indonesia. Kirchner is still striving to innovate the company’s services in order to provide more innovative travel web services for today’s ever-changing travel industry.

The team of On My Way to Bali has combined ideas from locals and foreigners to provide thorough travel experiences with a highly sophisticated and authentic taste of a happy vacation. Developing a reputation for providing high-quality travel services that are inspiring, engaging, and informative, Kirchner always tries to meet the needs and desires of his clients while also providing them with the most up-to-date information.

Today, the company has business partners in Indonesia, where it promotes cultural and conscious tourism and effectively contributes to the island’s economic development. The emphasis is on Brazilian visitors who want to learn more about Bali. Kirchner has made sure that On My Way to Bali offers a multilingual service to its clients, with tour guides who can speak Italian, Spanish, English, Japanese, and German.

All the efforts put in by Kirchner finally paid off when The Travel & Hospitality Awards, a global recognition program for the travel industry that recognizes the best hotels, tour operators, and experience providers, nominated Kirchner’s company On My Way to Bali in 2022.

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