On one side are billions of frustrated people who are struggling in some area of their lives.

On the other side is a life full of joy, peace, and fulfillment.

In the middle is a woman on a mission.

Robyn Lessley-Zaval dedicated her life to helping people all over the world improve their lives.

She is founder of

Zaval says, “I created my company to help people worldwide and do my best to lighten their loads, I felt as if everything I had ever done had been like putting a tiny drop of water in a vast ocean of need.”

After researching, pondering, praying, and meeting with experts, her company tackles the issues on many different topics.

Imagine someone in any country – any time of the day or night – wanting and needing to be comforted – or perhaps she’s curious and wants to learn something new or maybe they want to just share their heart and be with a coach who understands. And she knows that she can go to and find caring coaches there – teaching and talking about exactly what she needs, right then. 

Subscribers can get help with:

  • Living a better life
  • Building stronger and more loving relationships
  • Losing weight and being healthier
  • Raising productive children
  • Creating a financial future
  • Starting a business

The site donates a minimum of 5% of the membership fees to charities every month.

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