Robert Stewart Doj Wire Fraud PPP PPE Facts

Mr. Robert Stewart (Robert Stewart Doj Wire Fraud PPP PPE) Every year the United States continues to seek out those who commit crimes against the Federal Government. Since 2007 the growing number of federal cases has nearly quadrupled, in less than 30 years the Federal Prison population expanded significantly to the tune of nearly 6x its previous since the purported number of just 25,000 federal prisoners, to nearly 220,000 of the present-day prison population[1].

The laws in the United States have been stable and the passing of new legislation to curb gun and drug violence has attributed to these numbers. However, one glaring statistic that remains somewhat of a mystery and ‘Hidden’ are the number of fraud cases aka “White Collar” offenses that are now being focused on. In a day where anything can be reached in a moment by a click of a mouse – white collar offenses seem to be “To Easy” during our review of several hundred cases regarding white collar offenses we reviewed a former CEO and Veteran Mr. Robert Stewart. Prior to his conviction in 2020 – Mr. Robert Stewart (Robert Stewart Doj Wire Fraud PPP PPE) served as the CEO of Federal Government Experts, LLC. – a minority owned, and operated company based in northern Virginia. From all accounts – Stewart seemed to operate in a very similar fashion as many other small businesses, in 2021 the Small Business administration stated that Small Businesses accounted for over 60 percent of the job in America, even more the reason to keep business like Mr. Stewart’s in business.

Shortly, after COVID-19 hit, Stewart was awarded one of the Largest sole sourced VA contracts in the history of the Agency. For his efforts he was demonstrated in the Media as “Incompetent and chasing money of the backs of sick people.” In March of 2022 – we reached out to Stewart and conducted a zoom interview with him to better understand his thoughts and views regarding his prosecution and prison sentence.

We began by asking him “Mr. Robert Stewart (Robert Stewart Doj Wire Fraud PPP PPE ) – are you the Fraudster that ProPublica and other major news outlets make you out to be?” He stated, “No, I am not a fraudster – I mislead and lied to the government based on a set of facts and information that was given to me by people I trusted.” He then went on to say, “At the end of the day when you are the CEO or leader, you must own whatever happens, in some ways I could tell you that I am angry, or upset or just really pissed off at the DOJ, FEMA, VA and whomever – but in reality, I have made peace with what has happened and look forward to really getting my life back on track and moving forward to help others.”

Our review of Stewart suggests that he had struggled with this earlier on. He described to us, his feelings, thoughts and downright disappointments and shame as day after day a new tweet, headline or NPR talk radio segment was being talked about his failure. When we asked him why did he keep all the facts hidden he told us – “The United States Justice system is less concerned about the ‘hidden facts’ of the truth and much more concerned with ‘Getting a bad guy off the street’ I unfortunately drew the short straw that unlucky day and was targeted, However, I can be a reminder to any and all people that you are literally one second away from getting a knock at your door with a blue jacket standing in the door way.”

IN hindsight – the term hidden facts provide key insight into why Stewart was prosecuted, Steward contends that the prosecutor as well as the news media – did a great job in prosecuted him; but failed to provide information that would shed insight on the Entire record, not just the portion that supports their narrative. For example – in examining Stewart’s discovery file,

We uncovered an email from Stewart to his supplier (far. Alabama Attorney General) whereby he terminated his contract with the supplier because up onto the point of delivery his supplier continued to increase the price of the PPE.

This email is dated 24 April 2021, while the prosecutor provided that “Stewart tried to roll it back, meaning he tried to undo the fraud once “we were unto him” this email is dated on April 24th, 2020 – well before Stewart was ever under investigation. We keyed in on this email because the DoJ and the media continually stated that Stewart “intentionally and willfully defrauded” the government for a lucrative contract – this email demonstrates that (1) Stewart did try to deliver the PPE, (2) the price increase would have netted Stewart less than 3 cents for each mask delivered.

The hidden facts – regarding this case serve as an ever-present reminder that presentation of some facts, had hiding of others or selectively showing some of the truth – is in itself “Fraud” as it may induce someone to act on a matter that had not been for the false information the other party may have chosen to do otherwise. Here, the prosecution painted Stewart as a thief, a liar and serial fraudster – it did not provide any exculpatory or direct evidence that was contra to its narrative. Going back to Stewart’s contention – him being a CEO and a black male had a significant factor in being prosecuted.