Robert Harrison: The entrepreneur everyone should get to know!

Robert Harrison also known as RJWAYUP (@rjwayup) is an inspiring entrepreneur with many projects on the way. From building and

designing apps you can download from the App Store like “Hush: Relax and Sleep” to recently working in the TV and film industry he is definitely someone to look out for.

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario with roots to Jamaica and England he sure knows how to demonstrate how truly talented he is. Recently he has been in the works for a few TV shows that will be releasing later this year like ‘See No Evil’ which he plays in various roles and ‘Gotham Knights’ and is rumoured to also be working in a show featured by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Recently just finishing his computer science program, Robert looks to keep adding to his resume as he has built multiple apps and also runs a few e-commerce websites like ‘’ and! What is most interesting is he has no plans on stopping and will be implementing something really cool

into the new Web 3.0 in the years to come.

When I asked him what motivates him this was his answer: ” I really enjoy being creative and creating my own platform, I understand a lot of people aren’t really into developing their own ideas but I see it differently and truly enjoy everything I make.”

If it’s one thing he understands it’s that things don’t happen overnight and he understands that through being consistent anything is possible. Also working on music as he has been creating his own music for a while and plans to release an EP/Mixtape sometime later this year under his label called WayUp Sound ( he continues to solidify himself as a top entrepreneur.