RMC ERP to win the ready mix concrete market

Ready Mix Concrete ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is entirely web-based software exclusively made to manage the regular transaction for Ready Mix Concrete. Since the RMC is gaining popularity in the building industry, the Ready Mix Concrete ERP software market is also growing. 

It helps in easy management of the system and creates an organized setup for better functionality. Most businesses expect a flexible environment that will adapt changes and, at the same time, will provide accuracy, stability, and reliability. It is the reason the Ready Mix Concrete ERPs are getting more attention from the businesses.

What is Ready Mix Concrete ERP?

ERP Ready Mix Concrete is a cloud-based or online system that helps the ready mix concrete company with a well-developed system to track and manage their different business functions. 

It includes functions like sales, purchase, marketing, vendors, customer relationship, quality testing, dispatch management; data management related to the business, fleet management, GPS activated tracking, Business reports, etc.

The companies with several plants and have an extensive business ERP Ready Mix Concrete are the best solution for them to have a well-organized system. RMC software brings all the data in a single place, and hence it increases the operational efficiency of an organization.

How Ready Mix Concrete RMC ERP can help a company?

  • Sales management:

Ready Mix Concrete ERP helps in managing the sales distribution of a company. It generates a clear report so that the business owners can monitor the sales, purchase, payments, and other related transactions. 

The Ready Mix Concrete ERP software offers a clear idea about the sales pipelines, scheduled deliveries, vendor, checking of credit limits, shipment details, customer details and orders, Sales analysis reports, billing, etc. 

Therefore, it becomes easy for company owners to track the sales dome from different plants. Suppose an organization has branches in several localities in India. In that case, Ready Mix Concrete ERP Solution is the best way to manage all of them from one place without much hustle.

  • Purchase:

Sales are not the only transaction done by a business organization. A considerable amount of transactions are regular for business organizations in purchasing raw materials, non-inventory materials, assembly materials, packaging materials, etc. It can be tracked down quickly using the cloud-based Ready Mix Concrete ERP software. 

The business owners can track the raw materials purchased and stored, Purchase order creation, Vendor list and their details, raw materials, invoice, etc. The system can generate a detailed report about the purchases made using the batching plant software.

  • Accounting:

RMC ERPs have a feature that enables the customer to get a good idea about its accounting needs. It collects data from journal entries, balance sheets, customer invoices, receipts, general ledger, collection reports, vendor balance, etc. It keeps the record of sales and finance of the branches for the organizations with several plants and branch offices. 

  • Reports:¬†

Reports related to sales, purchase, stock, etc., are significant for an organization. It helps to track their profit-loss, business growth, areas of improvement, etc. The RMC ERP software helps generate printable sales reports, finance reports, purchase reports, fleet reports, human resource reports, stock reports, etc.

  • Inventory:

The inventory management feature of the ReadyMix ERP quickly helps the organization to track the stock of raw materials, opening stock, correction of stock, product management, warehouse management, inventory valuation, analysis reports, distribution of stocks, the serial number or batch number of the raw materials bought, etc. With the help of this feature, the companies can easily monitor their stocks and products.

  • Production Analysis:

Using the RMC ERP system, an organization can keep track of their production. Based on that, the organizations’ owner can analyze their sales and concentrate on improving their business, quality testing, or production planning for the future.¬†

Using the batching plant software, they can get all the details about production schedule, work order, use of raw material, and automatic PR generation from raw materials, quality and maintenance of the plants and machines, their servicing, production report, wastage, and reporting, etc. in a single place.

  • Quality Testing:

Even when the company uses the best raw materials, it is always good to have the quality of the product tested. From the collection, mixing the material to the final product testing can be monitored using the Ready Mix ERP system. 

The system helps plan the task, design mix, cement-concrete ratio, crushing, measuring the density, specific gravity, temperature of the furnace, sieve, trail mix, testing done of the concrete, etc.

  • Fleet Management:

Fleet management is a significant part of the business, and it needs constant tracking. The warehouses may have all the details about the fleet, the number of trucks loaded, dispatch timings, weighbridge automation, etc. 

The ERP Ready Mix Concrete has features to collect all the data together. The business owner can access the data from one place. They can also have the data, such as spare parts and tyre management, service and maintenance schedule, insurance management, batch plant automation, automated data, recorded in the RMC software.

  • Dispatch:

The Ready Mix ERP system’s feature supports different phases of production and distribution, including the dispatch. The owner can estimate the arrival time using the GPS based estimated arrival time.

  • HR and employee management:

Human resources and employee management can be done seamlessly using the RMC software. The organization can store all the data in a single place, including the employees’ details, designation, working days and leaves, payslip, batch payslip, working shift management, and attendance.