Rise of Lead Capture Forms


Every visitor who lands on your website is not going to become your customer. Neither are they going to subscribe to your newsletter, nor are they going to read any one of your blogs? However, every brand that wants a customer, subscriber, or blog reader can do something to push forward the conversation with the visitor. 

Enter- Lead Capture Forms. 

A Lead Capture Form helps in generating customer details on a specific page of a website, where the brand is running an optimized campaign. This can be the ‘Contact Us Page’ or any other page designed to do the needful. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the advantages of having the best lead capture forms on your website. We are also going to discuss what works and what doesn’t when it comes to trapping visitors and converting them into customers. 

Lead Capture Forms: What are they?

For a very long time, expert digital marketing professionals and seasoned marketers have sworn by the efficacy of lead capture forms. In very simple words, a lead capture form allows a brand to get the contact details of a customer. 

The key is to use those details and build a channel of loyalty, trust, and credibility. In other words, it is essential for sales professionals to nurture the lead. This is done by the first initial point of contact created by the lead capture form. 

A prospect becomes a lead as soon as he or she fills in the details on a lead capture form. Many brands incentivize the process by offering discounts, offers, and loyalty bonuses to prospects. This encourages them to put in their details and avail of the benefits. 

Advantages of a Lead Capture Form

There are multiple advantages of using the rightly optimized lead capture form for your campaign. Some of the most common ones are- 

  1. The right lead capture form helps in attracting the ideal target audience. For a brand, it is essential not to get a ton of poor-quality leads. Well-designed lead capture forms only take contact details of prospects who are most likely to convert into consumers. 
  2. Step forms present a different set of questions on different form steps rather than a single page. This way, you can provide a simple user journey for even more complicated inquiry processes.
  3. A lead capture form removes distractions from a Landing Page and is able to attract the attention of the prospect to what the brand wants to be done- filling in the contact details. This can be done by showing certain incentives to the prospects. 
  4. Gathering data is another advantage of a lead capture form. Data from one marketing campaign can be cross fed into future campaigns and parallels drawn between the two. Lead capture forms help in creating a pool of data for future use. 
  5. Streamlining operations within your organization can also be done with the help of a lead capture form. Specific information can be shared with different verticals and each of them can pursue the prospect according to what strategies they think work best. 

For the success of a digital marketing campaign, a lead capture form is an essential attribute. Once you are able to optimize it in the right fashion, you are well on your way to tapping prospects. 

Optimizing Lead Capture Forms: What you need to know

According to digital marketing experts, optimized lead capture forms are able to deliver greater ROIs for brands and businesses. They point out the following when it comes to optimizations- 

  1. The positioning of the Lead Capture Form should ideally be above the fold. This allows for better conversions statistically. 
  2. The Lead Capture Forms length should be not too small and neither should it be too long. Long enough to get quality, short enough to ensure volume. 
  3. The Form Fields should be direct and easy to understand and the incentive on offer should be in the prospects line of vision. 
  4. Brands should use a graphical illustration to show the form of completion to the consumers. This gives a sense of achievement and encourages people to complete. 
  5. Ask questions, which are directly related to your campaign KPIs and not anything else. The less the number of questions, the better will be the engagement. 

The Final Word

A well-optimized lead capture form can do wonders for your next marketing campaign. It can not only lead you to create an ideal sales funnel, but also allow you to build and nurture relationships. 

One final piece of a tip, when creating your next lead capture form- lose the ‘Submit’ button and use something like ‘Go’. This makes the entire feeling less committed, non-serious and encourages people to send in their details.