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Mandolin is the musical instrument in lute family, which is played by plucking the strings with the help of pick, also recognized as plectrum. Mandolin is becoming gradually more popular in various styles of music. It is typically used in Irish and English folk music, whereas pop musicians have been bringing this instrument into the limelight through their music over the last few decades. In addition, mandolin instrument is also associated with bluegrass and country music, and has been making a comeback in this area, as well as getting utilized occasionally in the classical music. This demonstrates that the mandolin is an extremely versatile instrument that appeals to a huge range of people. Some common styles of mandolin include flat-backed mandolin, carved-top mandolin, and round-backed mandolin. Each type of mandolin has exceptional sound and each is related with a particular sort of music. Flat-backed mandolin is similarly to an acoustic guitar. It is a plucked box-lute chordophone as simpler to-construct variety of the bowl-back Neapolitan mandolin. Both back and front of flat-backed mandolin are constructed from the solid or strong flat boards bent around the curved-braces. The back is either three or four ladder braces. Front braces are commonly known as “A” frame. Additionally, flat-backed mandolin has a round sound hole. This has been sometimes customized to an elongated hole, called D-hole. The body has round almond shape with flat and sometimes canted soundboard. Apart from this, tone of flat-backed mandolin is described as warm or mellow, which is suitable for folk music and lesser audiences.

According to analysis, Global Flat backed Mandolin Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use some of the key players operating in the global flat backed mandolin industry are Carvalho, Kentucky, Stentor, D’Addario, Superior, John Pearse, Viking, Hathway, Ashbury, Blue Moon, Shubb, Golden Gate, Artec, Moon. In the future scenario, the production & consumption are probable to continue developing with a steady growth rate. As a result of meeting the rising demand, more manufacturers are anticipated to go into this industry. By type, flat backed mandolin market is categorized into alto, bass, tenor and contrabass. Additionally, by application, market is categorized into performance, music teaching and others.

Rise in disposable income & growth in young population, followed by increase in interest of music among young population, rise in demand for musical instrument in the music institutes and growth in media & entertainment industry worldwide are some major factors for growth of the flat backed mandolin market. Apart from this, stiff competition in the flat backed mandolin market as new players entering the market with the lower prices is a hindering factor for market. Moreover, rise in interest in learning the skills development related to music is a key opportunity for market. It is estimated that future of the global flat backed mandolin market will be bright on account of rise in demand for the musical instrument in the music institutes during the forecast period.

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