The Rise of An Entrepreneur: From Sao Paulo to New York

Raphael Auad, born on August 17, 1979 in Sao Paulo, is a self-made entrepreneur. He has been fond of sports since his childhood. His keen interest in volleyball and tennis was visible since he was a kid. He played volleyball for various high-level professional teams. He also played regional and national tennis.

Raphael always wanted to carry forward his sports career, but everything was never in his hands. He had to drop playing volleyball and tennis during his college days because of his financial situations. In addition to his financial situation, he also lacked incentive and sponsorship from the federal and state government forced him to leave sports. However, it never stopped Raphael to push himself up to do something more with his life.

He worked hard to achieve what he has achieved today. After going through all the hardship, he went back to the United States in 2004 and worked as a manager, as a consultant for logistics and distribution. He worked there for almost 8 years. Throughout these years Raphael was thinking about doing something more, something that was his own. Then is 2012 he started his venture, a newspaper distribution company in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2014, Raphael relocated from Boston to New York City in order to seek a bigger market and to get more exposure for his businesses. This was a great move by him as it brought him a 3-year multi-million dollar contract for his newspapers distribution company in mid 2016.

When asked about the reason for his success and his amazing journey from Sao Paulo to New York, Raphael always gives credit to his professional sports background. For him, it was sports that helped him to build the network with others and to reach where he is today. Most importantly, it helped him to become a better human being



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