How To Choose The Right Pelican Case For Your Gear?

Pelican Products is a dedicated global solution provider of quality products and services that offer value to the users. The designs of Pelican cases provide a lifetime benefit to the customers. These cases and other products featured by Pelican are widely famous for the quality and durability they provide even after years down the line. 

You must know how to protect your gear. Pelican cases Australia offers about 16 protective cases for the gear. Hence, you must be able to choose the right one as per your needs and requirements. 

To choose the right Pelican Case for your Gear, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Accurate Measurement of the Gear

Precisely measure all the crucial parts and components you wish to protect. Make sure you measure the length and width of your main object. Also, do keep in mind to leave an ample amount of space for the accessories as well. Accessories generally include lenses, batteries, cleaning kits, and more. 

Choose an ideal Pelican Case

Once you roughly make a note of the dimensions of your gear, begin with the selection of your ideal case. The case you choose must best suit your needs and demands. It should serve its purpose. Generally, Pelican cases offer about 4-inch x 3-inch small cases, 19-inch x 11-inch medium cases, and 40-inch x 14-inch large cases.

Jump directly to Pelican’s Case Calculator to determine the right case for your gear. All you have to do is type in the gear measurements, and this calculator will provide you with suggestions. The suggestions will include different cases that offer strength and durability in handling your gears safely. 

Wait, there’s more! 

If your gear is too large to fit into Pelican’s calculator, seek help from the Custom Cases section. Designed by Pelican to meet any kind of requirement, big or small, the Custom Cases offer comfort and convenience.

Pelican cases can design anything and everything for you to protect your delicate equipment and gear at all costs. 


Finally, the insides of a case are also of the utmost importance when you want to protect gears. The exterior offered by Pelican cases Australia is durable, making the case last for a long period. These cases are designed to last even in extreme environmental conditions, enabling you to carry delicate components easily at anytime and anywhere. 


Different Interior Solutions for Pelican Cases are as follows:

Pick N’ Pluck Foam

This classic foam features perforated cubes that are easily removable, allowing you to alter the foam shape inside your case. The interiors of your case will, thus, be defined by your needs. 

So if you were to carry only one object, you can remove the redundant foam cubes from your case. If you are carrying your accessories with the main object, you can add necessary layers of foam within your case.

Yellow Padded Dividers 

These padded dividers from Pelican feature velcro (fastener) on either side. That enables you to personalize channels and pockets for your gears. The padded dividers easily adjust to your fittings and configure as per the equipment, making them a versatile and durable solution. Moreover, the high-contrast yellow color will allow you to easily identify your gear and equipment.


TrekPak from Pelican is an exclusive case provider offering high-end organizational solutions. With a rearrangeable divider system, this case makes for a clean and organized interior arrangement. Give the precision your case needs by adopting TrekPak interior solutions. It gives room to protect your gears without having to waste any space through rearrangements.

The above mentioned were some of the many solutions Pelican cases offer the end customers. Right from basic to advanced, Pelican Products have covered it all under one roof. 

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