Rifle Scope Technology and How It Makes Hunting Easier

Technology is everywhere. Elevated and much more revamped than ever before, it is transforming the way of our lives in ways we never imagined. You will not find a single sector of our lives where technology has not contributed yet. Like everything else, our hunting experience has also been greatly improved by the touch of technology. For obvious reasons, it has never been a much better time to hunt. From GPS enabled smartphone maps to latest premium bullets, every hunting equipment that comes to your mind has been enhanced by technology. One of the revolutionizing gifts of modern tech in this field is the state-of-the-art rifle scope technology. You’ll scarcely find a hunter without a scope these days. This article will attempt to shed some light on the modern scope technology and how it makes hunting easier.

Rifle Scope technology and how it makes hunting easier

These four prime factors of modern rifle scope technology have made our hunting sessions much easier:

  1. Converges light
  2. Facilitates the aiming process
  3. Extends target icon
  4. Foresees external ballistics

Now let us delve deep into these four prime factors one by one.

i) Converges light

Besides giving a performance boost in low light situations, scopes can accumulate light and make targets more visible and bright than they actually are. Improved coating implemented to the internal services of a new scope does this magic. More enhanced coatings are coming to the market as we speak. These coatings give you the ability to perform half an hour before and after official sunshine. Which means, you can shoot out to the very border of shooting light. You’ll also get specialized coating specified for the kind of target you are shooting at. Modern scopes of today also come with a fantastic ability to filter red, blue light, which helps you to spot your targets easily.

ii) Facilitates the aiming process

Scopes are beneficial as they promote your aiming process. When you use a scope while shooting, you just have to line the reticle with your target. On the other hand, while shooting with iron sights, you have to adjoin the front view, the goal, and the rear side as well. As you can see, shooting without a scope can give you a hard time while aiming. If you are shooting a 6.5 grendel, then you need the proper scope for a 6.5 grendel. Ranges do this by assisting our brains as they are much better at aligning two objects instead of three. Development of fiber optics and red dots for magnified optics in modern scopes offer simpler reticles that are convenient to use.

iii) Extends target icon

Another essential perk of advanced scope technology is the extended capability to zoom in the target picture. Let’s face it! There was a time when scope manufacturers used to charge top dollars for their particular magnifying scopes. Those days are now long gone. You will soon find actual value for money scopes with 4-12x magnification that is entirely transparent throughout it’s zooming range for under 300 bucks. There were some distortion and aberration issues with the budget scopes in the past. Individually, around the borders of the extent and in the middle of the zooming range. You’ll not be troubled by them anymore.

iv) Foresees external ballistics

Almost every new scope now comes with BDC reticles, which are really fascinating. Reticles designed in the past were not so precise and user friendly as these BDC reticles. Some scope manufacturers even grant custom dials explicitly designed for your rifle’s external ballistics. You’ll find these customization options through the manufacturer’s custom shop with many of their scope models. Foreseeing exterior ballistics comes in handy when you are shooting at long ranges. Besides, it can even help you with some swift follow-up shots. Great! Don’t you think so?

Extra tip:

There is this .300 win mag (.300 Winchester Magnum) that has become a real favorite among the target shooters, military personnel, and professional hunters nowadays. It is mostly used in sniper rifles and is a potent cartridge. This can generate heavy recoil in just a few rounds, which can devastate your entry-level scope. You don’t want to make that mistake. It is advised that you purchase the best scope for 300 win mag that will complement your rifle and shooting skills as well.


You have come to the end of our article on rifle scope technology and how it makes hunting easier. We hope we were able to inform you enough about the developments that rifle scope tech has seen over the past years. Now, it is time for you to make a decision. If you are someone who is still stuck with a 10-year-old scope, it is high time you replaced it with a modern one. Don’t overthink it! Your rifle totally deserves it. If you want to know how to survive in wild you should read this great post about survival tips and hacks

Happy Hunting!