Riding a bicycle is the healthiest way of moving around – What to do in case of an accident?

As the whole world is adopting a healthy lifestyle, people have ditched their motorbikes and resorted to bicycles. There’s no doubt when we say that riding a bicycle is probably the healthiest way of moving around places. However, it is sad to note that bikers who share road space with other bigger automobiles are always susceptible to incurring injuries, which are often extremely severe. 

Since a bicycle rider has to balance on two wheels, crashes or collisions with a car can lead to severe long-term illnesses like torn ligaments, broken bones, or soft tissues. So, if you’ve met with a bike accident due to the negligence of a vehicle driver, get the help of a Stockton personal injury attorney who can navigate you through the lawsuit. 

Bicycle accident injuries – A few common types

Bicyclists may experience accidents with other cyclists, with pedestrians, or with cars. Accidents with cars can be dangerous due to the extreme difference between the weight of both the vehicles and their speed. Bicyclists are more exposed physically than other vehicle passengers and drivers. 

Injuries from bike accidents usually occur on the cyclist. However, in case of accidents with pedestrians, pedestrians can also get injured. Some of the common injuries on pedestrians or cyclists can include:

  • Scrapes
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Road rash
  • Dislocation of bones
  • Nerve damage
  • Bruises

Bicycle accidents – How do they occur?

The majority of bicycle accidents happen due to the carelessness of either the cyclist riding the bike or the driver of the motor vehicle. These accidents happen since vehicle drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are unaware of the bike and pedestrian laws prevalent in their state. 

There are other cases when motor vehicle drivers or cyclists might be feeling distracted or not attentive towards what they’re doing. For example, a cyclist can all of a sudden enter the blind spot of a motorist when he suddenly decides to take a turn. 

Parked cars can also lead to problems for cyclists as they suddenly open a door when a cyclist passes by. On the other hand, cyclists can also notice the flashing turn lights, ride extremely closely towards a vehicle that will soon take a turn or that is in the middle of taking a turn. 

Whenever a cyclist gets injured in a bike accident, they can file a bike accident lawsuit. However, the victim has to make sure there is enough cause to claim negligence on the part of the driver, the pedestrian, or the cyclist. 

So, if you get the help of an experienced bike accident attorney, he can help you obtain compensation for physical therapy expenses, future medical costs, damages for pain and suffering, costs incurred for replacing your broken cycle, compensation for wage loss, and compensation for all future lost wages in case you become permanently disabled. Therefore, make sure you hire a trustworthy lawyer that has your best interests in mind and that helps you navigate through the steps of a lawsuit.