Revocation Of Power Of Attorney

The revocation of power is when there is a legal document that says that the person is revoking the power that he gave to another person or organization. The power is withdrawn and the person or organization will no longer be the person’s agent or proxy.

Any important document must be in writing and by revoking the power of an agent or attorney, this is still valid. Making sure the revocation is in writing means that a person has proof that the power of attorney has been removed. This means that they are protected, as well as their interests. Since a power of attorney form is very powerful and weighty, in many areas of a person’s life, it is important that there be a written revocation so that there are no questions about the person’s intentions, wishes, or wishes.

The good part of revocation meaning is that you don’t need to give any reason to revoke the power of a person or organization. If the person considers himself legally competent to make his own decisions, understands his decisions and can make them for himself, the power of attorney can simply be revoked without asking questions.

There is some basic information that must be completed on the legal form, such as the name and address of the person and the name and address of the person whose power will be revoked. You will also need the date the revocation will take effect. However, there is no need to list the reasons, and the person does not have to tell anyone why the revocation is taking place. The person who granted it can revoke it just as quickly and easily.

The revocation document must be notarized and signed before a notary public. After the notarization has been completed and signed, a copy will be sent to the person or organization that had the power of attorney. It is given to the agent and the agent must return any proxy form they have. They must return them to the person who is revoking the power of attorney. Copies of the revocation must be sent or shown to financial institutions and other companies and businesses that the agent was managing.

If the power to buy and sell real estate was also granted, then you must also register with the government, usually by going to the county property department. The power to sell real estate is officially removed and the person acting as an agent can no longer have anything to do with the real estate issues of the person they were previously managing.


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