Revive Church KC Sees the Positive Side of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has a bad rap. And while it’s true that keyboard warriors write nasty things that they’d never say to someone’s face, there are some positive things to be said for social media. Revive Church KC uses social media to express their 4 Core Principles: Encounter God, Experience Transformation, Grow in Jesus, and Impact Your World. The open forums that exist online allow the church to reach far beyond their current members.

This means that online, you’ll see Revive Church KC post anything from a video highlight of their outreach events showing the church impacting the world, to a pastor praying for a family to experience that transformation power. All posts are scripture-based and always bring people back to Jesus. Through posting scriptures and quotes of encouragement, a connection can be achieved even with random social media followers all over the world. Together, we grow in Jesus.

Every service is live-streamed so the online congregation can join in and Encounter God for themselves through numerous online platforms. Jesus is at the center of everything the Revive Church does, and the sole focus is for the world to experience a living God and dedicate their lives to Jesus.

In addition to highlighting Bible verses, once a month the church will highlight a volunteer on social media. Revive Church KC is so fortunate to have many incredible people willing to take time out of their week to come and help serve God and minister to many others. The church could not have the outreach it does without its awesome volunteer team.

Social media is also used to announce upcoming events and recap recent events in case anyone was not able to make it but would still like to know what happened. Revive’s pastors are active on social media weekly as well. Social media helps members and leadership stay connected with the day-to-day celebrations and life events of the congregation. Social media can be such a powerful tool when used correctly, and like everything else, Revive tries their best to use it to grow the following of Jesus. Revive Church KC also has a mobile app on the Google Play store.

For members of Revive Church KC, social media has only made their lives easier. They can find quick updates for upcoming events and learn more about their fellow members and their pastors. They can also see service highlight videos, hear sermon recaps, and can see what voicing is being used at that current time as a church to reach and serve the community.

There is plenty to be said both for and against social media, but as a communication device for Revive Church KC, it is a welcome tool. When you know your mission and you believe in what you’re putting out into the world, even social media can be a positive outlet for your message. Follow Revive Church KC on Twitter to learn more about their youth programs