Revit structure training in Mumbai for Career Growth

Mumbai being the city of infrastructure development and requires huge number of staffs for various jobs in the industry and most of it is linked with infrastructure development. Revit structure training in Mumbai is one of the best career oriented professional courses which has been doing very well in accordance to the job market.

What is Revit Structure?

Revit is an information building and modeling software for architects, landscape architects, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineers, designers and contractors.

Top Industry Segment that uses Revit Software:

Companies using Revit software, by countries

What is Revit Structure training course?

The Revit structure training in Mumbai intends towards the learning of creation of full structural model using foundations, columns, beams, beam system, floors. The course also covers to prepare the model for structural analysis software packages, by defining loads and load combinations. Also a candidate will learn to annotate, tag, detail, model, aligning with creating and printing sheets. In fact other advanced topics will be narrated in the course like creating multiple types of schedules, importing CAD files, Linking of Revit files and to create a family and it will also consist of dealing with Trusses, bracing, Steel connections, concrete reinforcement and work sharing in Revit technology.

The duration of the course is 45-60 days both in case of classroom training and online training. The pre-requisites for this course is that the candidate needs to be a minimum of an under-graduate and must have the knowledge of CAD software and working experience on construction sites is very much well recommended.

The Revit Structure building information Model amalgamates a physical representation of the building completed connected with a detailed representation. The Revit structure course is a absolutely complete course in itself and is highly suited for professional engineers and technicians who want to score up their knowledge and skills.

The major usage of Revit software:

  • Concrete Re-enforcement
  • Design to steel workflows
  • Design Documentation
  • Structural Analysis

Companies using Revit software, by countries:

Companies using Revit software, by countries