Reviews of Honor Band 5 Phone

When it comes to fitness bracelets, the Honor Band 5 is definitely one of the best on the market right now. The Honor Band 5 offers a vibrant AMOLED display, several attractive watch faces, and enough fitness system to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle. Please check the user reviews about HONOR band 5 and considering the competition, the Honor Band 5 looks like a value proposition. At the moment, it competes with the Mi Band 3 and Galaxy Fit e, which are slightly more affordable but may not offer the same features as the Honor fitness band. But how will the Honor Band 5 compete with the upcoming Mi Band 4? Read our Honor Band 5 review to see if this is the best fitness tracker available.

Honor Band 5 design

The Honor Band 5 hasn’t changed much from its predecessor when it comes to design. It features the same 0.95-inch full-color AMOLED display as the Honor Band 4. The entire surface of the fitness bracelet is protected by 2.5D glass on top. The rest of the body is made of plastic, so it is easy to wear it all day and sleep. In most cases, you will likely forget that you are even wearing a fitness tracker.

It’s small and comfortable enough to wear while sleeping, which is good because the Honor Band 5 also has sleep tracking. The Honor Band 5 has a very narrow design that can look very small on large wrists. The rubber straps have a striped pattern on the surface and many holes to fit the fitness tracker on your wrist. The straps feel like cheap plastic rather than rubber, which make them fragile. You can buy the Honor Band 5 in three strap colors – coral pink, meteorite black and navy blue. The device I received was black, which can be used in a discreet color if you don’t want to draw a lot of attention.


The main attraction of the Honor Band 5 is its full color AMOLED display, which is unique to this segment, at least for now. The Mi Band 3 and Galaxy Fit e both offer monochrome displays, which makes the Honor Band 5 even better. That being said, Xiaomi will soon launch the Mi Band 4 in India, which also has a color AMOLED display, so it will then be interesting to compare the two fitness bands.

The color AMOLED display on the Honor Band 5 looks fantastic with vibrant and eye-catching colors on the tiny 0.95-inch screen. This makes the display lively and attractive. Honor also donated several colored watch faces that come pre-installed. In addition to watch faces, colored icons for messages, settings, workout and heart rate in the menu carousel are also colored. The Honor Band 5 in India only offers 8 preloaded watch faces and nothing else. Honor has a new watch face shop but unfortunately not available in India yet.

Indoors, the display is bright enough, but you can’t read it in direct sunlight. Texts look crisp throughout the user interface, except for notifications, which are displayed in small and abbreviated print, which can be a little difficult to read. This is a small display, so you won’t be able to read the entire message.

Software – Compatible with Huawei Health

The Band 5 can connect to devices running Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 or later. However, to pair the fitness tracker with your smartphone, you need to install the corresponding Huawei app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The Huawei Health app also contains various settings for customizing the Band 5 and viewing user data. The app also contains many alternative watch faces. Please check the user reviews about HONOR band 5 and then go for it.